Comic-Con 2010 Remembered

Well ladies and gentlemen, another Comic-Con has come and gone. <Sniff, Sniff> I shed a tear in fond farewell. However, my mourning is only temporary as I already have my tickets for next year! That being said, I, your 6th favorite Babbler, decided to post some pictures and share some highlights and lowlights. We will start with the highs.

-The Tron Legacy Panel – Yeah, this was greatness. With the director and cast there, including the Dude himself, Bad Blake Jeff Bridges, there was some series star power going on. They also showed an extended 8 minute clip from the movie that looked amazing. On top of all that, they recorded the Comic-Con audience yelling different phrases to be used in the movie! Very cool move.

The Dexter Panel – So most of you know I am a huge Dexter fan and so seeing the cast and crew was pretty darn cool.  I did actually get to ask Michael C. Hall a question. It went something like this.

Q. “Michael C. Hall, Dexter is a very dark character, how do you prepare for that and have you found yourself thinking like Dexter outside of work?”

A. “Yes, sometimes while stuck in traffic I do.” He then went on to explain that everyone takes their work home with them so sometimes he finds himself thinking like Dexter. He did add that since he has been playing this part for 5 years now he can slip in and out of it pretty easily.

The Avengers – This was a really cool surprise. At the end of the Thor and Captain America panels it was announced they had a surprise for us. Guess who comes running out? Robert Downey Jr! He runs to the microphone and gives us a warm welcome. Then he announces the cast of the Avengers movie and out walks Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlet Johansson and the rest of the cast, followed by director Joss Whedon! They all stood in front of the stage, rock music blaring, applause roaring, and took several deep bows before running off. Yeah, it was awesome.

– Chuck – The Chuck panel was amazing. The cast and crew REALLY go out of their way to connect with their fans, including making a special Jeffster video performed to Lady GaGa.  Even cooler then that, Friday night there was a Chuck Tweet up, where fans of the show all got together at a local bar. Guess who shows up? Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin and Sarah Lancaster! Our very own Tony Kim got to meet Zachary as well. I didn’t attempt to do so because I was busy hitting on a girl in the back of the bar.

Harrison Ford –Believe it or not, he has NEVER been to Comic-Con, until this year, and I have NEVER heard that much applause for any celebrity before. The place went crazy. He was here with John Favreau, Olivia Wilde (also on the Tron panel) and Daniel Craig to promote their movie Cowboys and Aliens. Some of you may have heard that a person got stabbed in the eye at Comic-Con this year, it happened just an hour or so before this panel, so as a joke, they had Harrison Ford walk out with his hand behind his back and escorted by two security guards. It was hilarious.

Lowlights- So there were very few lowlights and generally speaking I always try to make the most of Comic-Con regardless of what happens. However, there were a couple:

– Harrison Ford – My one goal was to shake his hand or get a fist pump from him. Since we had press passes we were allowed into the bullpen in front of Hall H. RIGHT by where the stars walk in and out. I hand up over the rail and called his name. He just stared down at us like we were aliens. To his credit, he probably couldn’t see a dang thing with all the flash bulbs going off. Literally I could have reached out and grabbed his leg, I probably should have.

– The Other Guy panel – I missed The Other Guy panel and totally forgot that Will Ferrell was going to be in it. From every report I heard, he was hysterical. Yeah, my bad for missing that one.

– Crowds and sleep deprivation – I know, I know, both of these are part of Comic-Con, but they are still annoying.

Biggest Surprise – The biggest surprise award goes to.

Rainn Wilson looking tough

Super panel – This is a new movie by James Gunn of Slither fame. With a cast including Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Nathan Fillion and Liv Tyler it should be an obvious home run. Yet, I knew little about the movie until this panel and now I can’t wait for this movie to come out. It looks awesome and the panel was hysterical cracking jokes about each other and even having a make shift wrestling match between Rainn Wilson and Nathan Fillion. Liv Tyler also came down into the bullpen for a brief photo shoot during which she nearly bumped into me. I almost wet my pants.

Well everyone, that is my Comic-Con experience in brief. If you have never been you are missing out. If you have been we hope to see you next year!

I will not be Babbling for the next two weeks or so seeing as how I am going to Malawi, Africa but rest assured I would never abandon you and I’ll be back in a couple weeks with all sorts of Babblings!

Until then, I leave you with some pictures.

Jason Bateman

Nathan Fillion

Bruce Willis dishes on RED

Jennifer Carpenter

Olivia Wilde

Rainn Wilson and Nathan Fillion Wrestling

Seth Rogen

Super Cast!



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3 responses to “Comic-Con 2010 Remembered

  1. Ron Jordan

    Great pictures.

  2. Julie

    I was wondering what your question was this year. cool!

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