Podcast Part 2 of Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con 10
Here is part 2 of our coverage of Comic Con Day 2 and 3. In this podcast we cover Scott Pilgrim, The Chuck TweetUp, Green Lantern, and the Marvel panel. We also give our concluding thoughts and ratings of this year’s Con. 

Part II: Day 2 & Day 3 (45 mins):

To dowload this podcast or to check out part 1, go to the BabbleOn 5 podcast page.



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4 responses to “Podcast Part 2 of Comic Con

  1. Julie

    nice! I’m glad you guys are comic-con evangelists and brought us into the fold! I’m looking forward to being able to experience the full event next year, sounds so fun!

    • Tony

      You are becoming one of BabbleOn 5’s faithful follower! You should be on next year’s podcast sharing your thoughts on Comic Con 2011! Thanks for listeing and BabbleOn!

  2. Julie

    I like to get the latest scoop on good movies!

    By the way, I had to disagree with your opinion that there isn’t much going on at Sunday’s comic-con… I would have had a hard time choosing between the Smallville and Castle panels, plus there was a Merlin panel! all great.

    • Tony

      That’s true. With Smallville, Castle, and Glee, there was def a lot going on- but nothing that I specifically wanted to go to. Typically Sundays are slower paced than the epic Saturdays but that will probably start changing with so much new stuff on the rise. Thanks J.

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