*no spoilers*
Angelina is back in undercover spy world of SALT. Reaching near demi-goddess statue in Hollywood, it’s a little surprising to me that Jolie would choose material that is so similar to her past ‘butt-kicking’ femme fatals. Maybe there is something more undercover to this role?

Like so clearly explained in the trailer, SALT is about a CIA agent, Evelyn Salt, who is identified as a potential Russian sleeper agent aimed at assassinating the Russian president in order to destabilize relations with the US. Salt feeling of course, wrongfully accused, flees custody in search of the truth. She quickly sheds her very unatural blonde locks for her much more familiar and menacing-gothic, ‘killer look’. That is about as much as I can share without entering spoiler territory.

Salt was mildly entertaining as spy movies goes. As much as I am a fan of Jolie’s work, I couldn’t help feel like this was just a more serious characterization of Mrs Smith (Mr & Mrs Smith) without the life or humor. Jolie is cold and heartless which makes it difficult to love her character. We all know, no one does serious male butt-kicking better than Jolie, but I couldn’t help feeling like ‘been there done that’. Granted there were some creative and well choreographed sequences, many of which Jolie did herself. However, despite a few riveting moments, I didn’t find Agent Salt that compelling of a character.

The real interest of this movie are a couple of the plot twists introduced in the story. It manages to keep you thinking but in a very ‘low stakes’ kinda a way. Salt is so proficient at evasion that it seems impossible for anyone to coming close to outwitting or defeat her. Even when the final twist is revealed, the most I could conjure was a smirk. They even left it open for a possible sequel, but at her age, I hope she resists. Even as a goddess, she shouldn’t push her luck. To me, she is dangerously entering the same realm as Tom Cruise (a recently fallen god) in Knight & Day- being too old to act this young. We have seen both Cruise and Jolie bring so much more with their acting chops that seeing then fall back on shoot’em up movies seems a little sophomoric to me.

While this still falls in the ‘above average’ flick in the spy genre, I still left feeling Salt could have used a little more pepper.
I give this a 3 out of 5 Babbles


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  1. I thought it was fairly entertaining and good use of action, slo-mo, etc.
    Nothing great and lacked character depth all around which hurts… but it was still pretty fun and that’s all I expected.

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