Toy Story 3

This will be a short review since it’s so late and judging by the $900 million dollar worldwide haul, everyone on Earth have already seen this anyways. It also joins a very exclusive list of 11 domestic films to reach the $400 million mark (the 2nd for Pixar).

Even though over ten years have passed since the last Toy Story sequel (yes, really), the toys haven’t aged a bit. In fact they seem to look better and better with each outing. No doubt thanks to a lot of ‘plastic’ surgery and the cush lifestyle of a mega hit franchise. While T3 was critically a near perfect film in every way, shape, and form, I still found myself less than overwhelmed. Part of it is Pixar’s own fault of delivering masterpieces time after time and raising their own bar with each release- shame on them. Another reason for my lackluster response was that this world was way too familiar to me. I adore T1 and T2 and felt completely satisfied with the conclusion of that story. So personally I just didn’t feel I needed the closure of one more romp through the toy chest. But with that said, there is still much to be appreciated.

The ‘Cool Hand Luke’  Day Care was a clever setting for this new adventure. Pixar stays faithful to maximizing the very limited time of its old favorite characters in leu of the many news ones introduced. Action is masterfully choreographed and the pacing is as tight as a spinning top. It also concludes with throwing the viewer into the emotional deep end of the pool as the characters say goodbye in their own unique ways. In my mind, Pixar can do no wrong, so it’s unfortunate that I did not buy into the ‘toy-mania’ this time around.

All in all, I have no complaints but I also felt like this story of the toys was a unnecissary excess. But with that said, I still give it high marks and have to give a stellar nod to Pixar for one of the greatest franchises of our generation.

I give it a 4 out of 5 Babbles.



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6 responses to “Toy Story 3

  1. I realize I’m in the minority here based on the general response of people to TS3. However, I stand my ground and say I didn’t like this movie.

    First off, it wasn’t funny. There were a few laughs, but not many. Even my 5-year-old son turned to us during the movie and said so.


    Secondly, creep! If you thought Sid’s creepy toys were something in the first movie, wait til you see the baby doll in this one. Nice Exorcist reference… do we need that? And what about when the toys are facing the fires of death at the dump. They accept their fate, hold hands and look into each others eyes as if to say a final goodbye. What the what!?!?! Not sure my kids were really into that scene… not sure I want to explain it either.

    Finally, the “choke up here” scene at the end where Andy says goodbye to his toys – was it touching? Yes. Was it forced? Oh, man. It cd have only been more forced if they subtitled “[Audience Tears Up]”

    And not to over think it, but if the whole point was “to be there when Andy needs us”, then it was a waste b/c he doesn’t need you. This is validated by the fact that he gives them away. Not only that but he gives them to the day care center owner’s daughter – guess where they’re going when she out grows them. Granted, the day care is a bit better off w/o Darth Teddy (another creep aspect) – now they get to tag out btwn beatings by the kids.

    Sorry if I am over doing it, but I felt this was not a good movie, hurt the Toy Story franchise and had very little value as a story or conclusion. I was quite disappointed.

    Pro: The animation was good.

    • Tony

      Yea, it’s definitely my third favorite out of the trilogy. I think what they had to work with, they managed to add some inventive twists. None of it was as good and fresh as the first two but it was still a respectible effort. To me it buckles under the weight of it’s own brilliance and I am not sure what they could have done to improve it’s near flawless two stories.

      They need to quit while they ar eway ahead.

      Thanks Bear.

  2. Johnny

    maybe, it’s about letting go. for both andy and woody.

  3. mejoyh2006

    Admittedly, I cried. I cried because I saw toys in that daycare that could’ve well been mine. Andy’s me, and I don’t want to let go and say goodbye. I think this movie, although it was a bit dark for the Toy Story series, was a great conclusion to the series.

    P.S. Pixar, how come we can’t find out what happens to the toys after Bonnie gets ’em? 😛 Oh well. Every story has to end.

  4. mejoyh2006

    Er,… I didn’t mean what that sounded like. I’m not a guy named Andy, and I’m not the model for that character. But I’m in his situation right now, or I will be soon. It’s … disconcerting.

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