The Switch

Another review from guest Babbler Whitney Sanderlin:

Jennifer Aniston movies are a mixed bag … sometimes you like them and sometimes you don’t so much.

I’m pretty sure that nothing I say here will spoil the movie for you … at least there’s not any more information here than there would be on the previews … which I was tricksed by..  They touted a romantic comedy and I didn’t detect much comedic romanticism in this movie.  The chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman was lacking and that’s saying a lot because I’m a fan of both of them.  Both Jennifer and Jason have sufficient comedic timing to do great things with their lines so if neither actor could make their lines funny than I’m pretty sure the movie wasn’t written to be funny to begin with.  And also, if you’re looking to have this movie be about Jennifer Aniston’s character, you will be disappointed as well.  I’m not sure if that was the editing department but the movie focused on the angst that Jason’s character felt and not Jennifer Aniston’s single-mom character.  Jason’s character got twice the screen time that Jennifer’s character did. And did I mention that I didn’t laugh much?  Sheesh.

I must also disclaim that I’m highly critical of romantic comedies.  They are in fact my drug of choice.  If you’re going to use the same formulaic story every single time you make one of those kinds of movies, at least pick 2 characters that obviously like each other and can play well with and off of each other.  Allow them to use the skills for which they are so highly paid.  Use the story that everyone likes to see instead of cramming a 15 minute movie into nearly 2 hours.  This movie was formulaic without the character development or the chemistry between the actors.  The bottom line is that the story was too simple and was not believable.  (And yes, I remember that I’m still talking about the romantic comedy genre.)

High point: Jason Bateman is at his best when he interacts with his son.  Low points:  everything else.  I would not recommend this movie.

I give it one Babble. 

Thanks Whitney!


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