A Super Movie?

Here is a look at an upcoming movie that I am really excited about. I hadn’t really even heard of this movie until Comic-Con, but once I saw the cast and trailer I was hooked. The title is Super, presumably after a super hero but he seems like more of an anti-hero then anything else.

The cast is amazing, featuring such off beat greats as Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, and Nathan Fillion. Giving it more star power is Liv Tyler and you can also add one more degree of Kevin Bacon here as well. James Gunn, most notably of Slither fame is the director and writer.

The trailer at Comic-Con looked hysterical; think dark, off beat comedy. And the cast was fun to watch, even culminating in a mock wrestling match between Rainn Wilson and Nathan Fillion (prompted when somebody asked, “who would win in a fight, Dwight Schrute or Malcolm Reynolds.) Here is the fight.

The basic plot? Rainn Wilson is married to Liv Tyler and lives an extraordinarily boring life. Kevin Bacon enters in as a bad boy drug dealer who sweeps Liv off her feet and steals her from Rainn. To get revenge, and impress her, Rainn starts masquerading as a superhero known as The Crimson Bolt. Of course the biggest problem is he has no super powers and therefore resorts to fighting with a monkey wrench. Now every superhero needs a sidekick right?

Enter Ellen Page, i.e. Boltie, a crazy teen who works at the local comic book store and insists on joining him. Her ideas combined with his monkey wrench create quite a bit of chaos. Warning, this clip has language and violence 🙂

Don’t know much about Fillion’s role, but let’s just say his character is called The Holy Avenger and that’s enough to wet my appetite.

I don’t want to over-hype a movie that I don’t know too much about but I will give big time props to the cast for one more thing.

This was a very low budget film. At the panel James Gunn announced that they were barely able to make this film and it was on an extremely low budget. He informed us that all the cast and crew worked for the bare minimum wages that the unions would allow and that they did so for the love of the story, much to the applause of the crowd.

In these days of huge budget block busters that really only offer special effects and hot girls (Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe anyone?) it is inspiring to see that some out there still care for the art of telling a good story and that alone makes me want to support Super, regardless if it lives up to it’s name.

Release date: TDB

Babbles: TBD



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2 responses to “A Super Movie?

  1. Tony

    Thanks for posting this. I have been looking for more info since Comic Con but footage is sparse. I caught the tail end of the panel and I thought it sounded great. Rainn is a natural for the next anti hero. Ellen page seems a little annoying but we’ll see. Looks like the next Kick Ass. Thx dude.

  2. Can’t wait! Amen to the ‘huge budget’ let downs – content is king.

    ‘Scott Pilgrim vs…’ was awesome. I’d rather that or ‘Dr. Horrible’ or something any day.

    Is there a good ‘low budget movie alert’ blog out there?

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