Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

I recently watched the DC animated movie Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. However, even as a huge JL fan I was very reluctant too see this. Mainly because I was so unimpressed with Grant Morrison’s book “JL: Earth 2” that it is based off of. While I enjoy a good parallel universe story, Earth 2 did not live up to its potential and it has sat on my shelf collecting dust ever since. It was boring and frustrating- especially since the super trinity (Supes, Bats, & WW) barely interacted with their evil counterpart. What’s the point then?!?!

‘Crisis’ does not disappoint. While I was expecting a direct copy from the source book, I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh new story. Benevolent Lex Luthor travels across dimensions to implore the Justice League to help defeat their evil counter part back in Earth 2. The ‘Crime Syndicate’ was evil and menacing. Their character development was very well done, especially Batman’s counter part- The Owl. Packed with ample action, each of the JL have a chance to square off against their evil equal. It was fantastic and a fan boy dream come true. It’s what Morrison’s book so desperately needed. As another bonus, another evil plot emerges 3/4 through the adventure that really kept me invested and engaged. So often i lose steam (like recent New Frontier) but not in this one. I was gripped till the end and fully satisfied when the credits rolled. If you are a comic book or Justice League fan, I would highly recommend this movie. I think its one of if not the best DC animated features to come out that balances great action and great story telling. This story definitely does these heroes ‘justice’ and it stands in a ‘league’ of it’s own.

I give it a 4.5 Babbles out of 5



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3 responses to “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

  1. Jeffra

    Thanks for the review. I might just rent this from iTunes now. About a year ago I rented the Superman animated movie, the one about him coming back after battling Doomsday, I think. It, well, hmmm, I don’t remember being that impressed. Also, I think it seemed very adult content, not really child appropriate. Of course, I recently re-watched Batman: The Phantom Menace. That one is definitely more adult appropriate. No surprise, I enjoyed it now more than when I was 12 or however old I was when it came to theaters. (Unfortunately, the ballard-type song during the credits was ridiculously unmatched to the movie and irritatingly catchy, so I was left humming it for the next few days.)

    • Tony

      I hope you enjoy it. Yea, I was a little disappointed with Superman: Doomsday too. This one is not really for kids either but 12 is borderline. I know I would love it if I was 12! Ha ha, are you s rue you are not thinking Episode One: The Phantom Menace? Maybr you are referring to the Mask of the Fantasm? Your right that the score was a rip off from the movie but that was the first animated feature that really impressed me as a kid. I loved it although it probably doesn’t hold up now. Batman: Under the Red Hood was pretty good. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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