CHUCK season 4 and Hawaii 5-0

BabbleOn 5 is looking forward to the opener of CHUCK season 4 tonight and the premiere of Hawaii 5-0. So I am having a ‘mash up’ party for both. As a bonus we will also be viewing The Event. Check back for our thoughts and reviews of all these shows. Fall TV is back! Woot, woot! Leave a comment about what show you are excited about.



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2 responses to “CHUCK season 4 and Hawaii 5-0

  1. Jeffra

    Perhaps a little pathetic, but I’m really looking forward to the 10th and last season of Smallville. I hear he will even be donning the red cape! I know the show has changed a lot over the last 10 years, and many of my friends have not been fond of these changes. I admit to missing his parents and that much of the episode editing has made it terribly difficult to follow an episode, but it has remained a fun show for me to watch. And as a stalwart DC comic fan, I just cannot let go of it, no matter how ridiculous it gets. (Apparently this year’s nemesis is Darkseid because well, they have already done Doomsday and General Zod. Gotta get the last big bad dude in before the show ends.) Now, my only problem is that I don’t have cable!

    • Tony

      It’s not pathetic, be proud! Yea, I know for Smallville fans this has been quite the journey, one that you are compelled to finish. Yea, the how has had it ups and downs and more that latter thi spast few seasons. However, very few shows can boast 10 seasons and it has accomplished quite a bit. Hope they are able to end well. I dropped off but will probably tune. In for the series finale. Thanks and let me know what you think after it is all done.

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