CHUCK, The Event, and Hawaii 5-0

Fall TV is back and its premier time for everyone’s favorite TV shows. With the conclusion of the mega hits like Lost and 24, it has left a vacuum that will not easily be filled. This has caused a myriad of TV geeks to wander aimlessly in the universe of channels in search for their next obsession. No doubt current hits like Glee and Big Bang Theory will continue to gain momentum but this is prime opportunity for new shows. We had a viewing party for the Monday night lineup of CHUCK, The Event, and Hawaii 5-0. Here were some of our thoughts. 

'Attack of the Show's" geek goddess Olivia Munn finally made a cameo!

Chuck has been a perennial favorite for our crew for some time. There was much anticipation as season 4 approached. For the show, it’s in a re-boot phase with a brand new story arc, new settings, and new characters. Unfortunately, I think we were all a little disappointed with this first episode. There was so many new threads started that it felt too jumbled and scattered. While Chuck has always stretched the imagination a bit, this episode crossed the plausibility with all the crazy travel, the new Buy More, and coincidental mishaps in the conclusion of the show. The story telling was more clumsy than normal and some of the charm may have suffered as a result. It felt like the parts were greater than the whole with individual scenes and cameos. Olivia Munn is a perfect guest for the show but she did nothing and was kinda of wasted in a bit part. The biggest saving grace is that the relationship between Chuck and Sarah seems authentic and their love continues to grow which makes Chuck fans happy. Other than that, has Chuck ‘jumped the shark’??? Let’s hope that the storylines will settle down and become tight/cohesive in the weeks to come. I normally rate Chuck as a 4 Babble out of 5 show, however I give this premier a sad 2 1/2 Babbles.  Fedak and Schwartz, get your show under control!

My first act as President is figure out what this show is about

The Event
After CHUCK, the latest LOST copy cat launched with The Event. This is show about a random group of strangers (a young couple, politicians, cops, a pilot, etc) that are destined together through some supernatural event that involves a mysterious, top secret community of people (aliens? mutants? the Dutch?). This pilot is told through a series of flashbacks all dated from the past hours to months. From the get go, it’s almost impossible to track this storyline and all the overlapping threads. It tries intentionally to confuse the viewer and made it very uninteresting really quickly. Our crew was mocking it about 10 minutes in. It was boring, characters were bland, and even the climax had little pay off. My prediction is that the ‘event’ that everyone is wondering about will be its own cancellation within a few months. I give this a 1 out of 5 Babbles.

Apparently, it's more important to show off Grace Park's body then protect it with body armor

Hawaii 5-0
Another old series is pulled out of the cellar and dusted off for mainstream entertainment. CBS hopes to launch the next greatest hit using a series that almost no-one of 40 years and younger can remember. It doesn’t sound like a good idea does it? Before this pilot, the greatest appeal was probably in it’s catching name and location. However, anything would look Emmy award-winning following The Event so we were all hoping for a decent pilot. I gotta say I (and we) was pleasantly surprised. The first 5 minutes started with a fairly impressive gun fight scene involves Humvees, a helicopter, and missiles, which = good. It got our attention early and kept it. The credits rolled with an almost identical theme song from the past, which was cute but unoriginal. They should have modernized it with a little more edge. 5-0 did a good job of introducing the 4 main characters and helping you learn to like them by the end of the show. Action and choreography was solid and overall it contained everything needed to start off a above average pilot. It was great to see Daniel Dae Kim, fresh off of Lost, in a role that can stretch his abilities. His character is in pursuit of a fresh start which may be parallel to his journey as a type casted Asian from that crazy island. Grace Park was the other recognizable actor. Unfortunately, someone must have felt that her greatest asset was her body since  they kept her half-naked in the few scenes she was in. We all know from Battlestar Galctica that Park has great range and ability so lets hope they explore that more. Hawaii 5-0 was the big surprise of the night. I will at least watch it next week again before deciding if it will make it on my very coveted DVR list. Until then, I give this pilot a 3 1/2 out of 5 Babbles.



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4 responses to “CHUCK, The Event, and Hawaii 5-0

  1. Andrew

    I’m like you, had my doubts about this one. Start by saying they tried to do a 2hr season opener in a one hour slot… too much too fast… not enough back story at times. And yes, good, solid actors, and Grace Parks is one pretty lady, but wasn’t able to do much acting-only showed how to wear the least per scene-waste of talent. But,liked it. Let them keep the shart edge as in the NCIS, LA type of thing, and I think it will work. Maybe even for a long, long time.

    • Tony

      Yea, I am looking forward to H5-0 but I hope they try to be different instead of the usual testosterone filled shoot ’em up. I’m also glad to see more minorities like Asians take main roles. The show has potential. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Brenda

    Last season of Chuck, I nervously watched the first episode wondering what they were going to do to my new favorite show and I was disappointed with the first few episodes. I was afraid that they were changing characters and that the humor and timing of the show was just off. After about three episodes I was relieved to see that Chuck had regained its stride.
    In preparation for season 4, I watched the new DVD of season 3 and I even considered not watching the first few episodes. Why waste my time? But I am a true fan and I must watch every episode again. I was so surprised; I really liked the first few episodes and I felt none of the anticipated disappointment.
    Maybe this is how Chuck season 4 is for you. I watched the first episode and I laughed and liked a lot of what they did. I felt that a couple parts were campy (the trap door in the Buy More that connected to Castle)and they did not use Olivia Munn well at all, but overall I really enjoyed it and felt that this season was off to a good start. Maybe you’ll look back later and find that your perspective has changed…I certainly hope so 🙂

    • Tony

      Brenda, yea hopefully you are right. I am expecting that it will settle down into a comfortable pace within a few episodes. In the end, I am sure I will love it. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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