An Epic Movie from my youth

I would like to take the time to pay homage to a seminal movie of my youth. A movie that had a profound impact on me and that’s influence still resonates within me. Am I talking about something deep and profound like Dead Poet’s Society? Heck no! Could this possibly be an epic adventure of imagination like Star Wars? Not even close. While I am almost embarrassed to admit it, the movie I am referring to is UHF and stars “Weird Al” Yankovic. I watched it with my brother’s Netflix account theother night and it was glorious.

Okay at this point I have probably lost 80% of you and the other 20% are joining in on my jubilation. To be honest I can’t even begin to critique this movie. I doubt I can be objective about it and in my mind it is like critiquing The Godfather or Casablanca.

This movie embodied and projected my off beat, satirical and down right silly view of the world that I still pretty much hold to this day. I loved all the crazy parodies and clever spoofs the movie was full of and the dark humor they toyed with. I also loved all the goofy and absurd characters that served as a kick-start to my creativity.

Of course this was in 1989 and I was in 7th or 8th grade, depending on the release date. I still remember my mom dropping my brother Michael, my friend Andrew and myself off at the local theatre. My mom and dad refused to see this one with us, and probably for good reason. The theatre was relatively empty, none of the cool kids were seeing it and while it shouldn’t have been a surprise to us, there were absolutely no girls around either. We should have known right then what we were getting into. An hour and a half later we walked out quoting the movie and continued to do so for the next three months.

This movie did have some other merits as well. In addition to “Weird Al” this movie also starred a young and very goofy looking Michael Richards and a young and still obnoxious Fran Drescher. It is funny to watch them in these roles considering their later fame and success. It also featured Victoria Jackson of Saturday Night Live fame.

So it is I salute you “Weird Al” Yankovic, ruler of the absurd, czar of satire and singer extraordinaire. I promise, next time you perform at the Orange County Fair, I will be there, without the cool kid or girls, happily reliving old times.

I give this movie 20 Babbles.



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9 responses to “An Epic Movie from my youth

  1. Julie

    I had to watch this during jr. high P.E. when it was raining… several times.

  2. This movie is incredible! So glad I could share the love of UHF with Netflix.


  3. Andrew

    I can’t wait for your review of No Holds Barred.

  4. Russell Subiono

    One of my favorite movies of all time that I didn’t think anyone else in the whole world saw. My two brothers and I would quote this movie endlessly. “STUPID! Why you so stupid!” “Badgers? We don’t need no stinkin’ badgers!” “Ants really hate it when you do this” Now who had the more annoying nasally voice – Victoria Jackson or Fran Drescher?

    • Russell, good to know we aren’t alone, we are out their, hiding timidly, but we are out there. Don’t forget “Supplies!!!!!” I vote Fran more obnoxious, mainly because she was in it more. Now I have to go drink from the fire hose. Cheers!

  5. Andrew

    I say “Just caaalll me MR Butterfingerrrsss” pretty much every other day.

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