GLEE season 2 premiere

Nothing pushes the boundaries of my masculinity then an episode of GLEE. I have resisted the hype for a year now of this semi-adult offspring of High School Musical. However in secret, I snuck in an episode or two earlier this year of this surreal sing along musical/comedy series and made the shocking discovery that it wasn’t half bad. I then went on a hunt to find the season 1 DVD a few weeks ago and discovered that it was nowhere to be found. The ‘Gleeks’ had already swept it up from the DVD shelfs of every store across America. Even though I’m still in a Glee-vacuum, I decided to watch the season 2 premiere.

GLEE appeared to be right where I left it from last year’s mid-season exposure; filled with quick cuts, snarky quips, and catchy tunes. I have to admit, I am a sucker for high school politics and Glee is filled to the rim with it. All the story I missed from season 1 was summed up in about 30 secs which was fine since story is a secondary inconvenience at best. The cast is fun, witty, and crafty, although they are more caricatures than characters. Reluctantly, you have to accept the cheese of the spontaneous duets because secretly, we all wish life could be filled with outbursts of perfectly performed songs. In the end, some sort of storyline was told in the premiere, even though for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was. It has something to do with the scary woman coach…*shutter*. I also couldn’t help but think that GLEE tramples on the real blood, sweat, & tears of the creative process- especially if you are a performer of any kind. Oh well, you just roll with it. It was also great to see minorities like Asian Americans get some more screen time 🙂
All in all, no one can deny the appeal of GLEE. It’s a show that makes you feel better about yourself and life- even if it’s just for a short time. Not sure how long the GLEE formula can last but we gotta enjoy it while we can. If it was a little stronger in story I would rate it higher. So until then, I give it a 3 out of 5 Babbles.

If you are a fan, let me know why!



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4 responses to “GLEE season 2 premiere

  1. Can’t get into it right now, as the wound is still to fresh, but I think you should watch a few more episodes and reevaluate your snarky remarks on the story. This show is a masterpiece. The premiere was short on emotion because its just plain hard to feel bad for the scary coach, but usually the show is capable of making you feel something and want to do better. Its a valuable lessen for church’s and npo’s.

    Plus I love the singing (;

    • Tony

      Wow, sounds like a struck a nerve! All I can review is this opening episode but I look forward to seeing more. Like I said, I am a fan in the making as soon as I get my hands on season 1.

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