RED, which stands for ‘retired and extremely dangerous’, is exactly what it sounds like. Some old people, like my parents age, running around kicking booty from opponents half their age. I really enjoyed this film, more than I thought I would. It definitely is a new spin on an old tale. Good guys get double crossed and group together to get revenge and liberate their name (The Losers & The A-Team). Lets face it, did anyone go to follow the story? I doubt it. Me, like everyone else, went to see an aged Bruce Willis and his geriatric comrades go ballistic- especially Helen Mirren. She stole the show as this prim and proper homemaker who turns into a viscous assassin in a blink. RED was worth the price of admission with her manning the 50 caliber gun. It just proves the theory that, regardless of age, women shooting high-caliber weapons is just hot. No one, and i mean no one does crazy better than John Malkovich. It’s great to see him in a more comedic role. Morgan Freeman does his thing. My only complaint is that he isn’t in it enough. Bruce Willis is perfect in this role. You can already imagine this is what John Maclane (Die Hard) will turn into someday. Mary- Louise Parker (Weeds) does a surprisingly strong performance standing toe to toe with some of the most seasoned actors in Hollywood. She is strong, neurotic, and vulnerable all at the same time. Most importantly, she is not annoying and makes for a good counter part to Bruce Willis. I wasn’t crazy about her at first but she grew on me.

Director Robert Schwentke does excellent job at keeping this story moving along and adds some interesting visuals along the way. Again, this is very formulaic and there is not a ton of original stuff here. The strength and charm of this movie is seeing the cast have fun and blow things up. Btw, this is based on a DC graphic novel which shares the same premise but also diverges quite a bit. I believe there are some one shot ‘prequels’ that gives some back story to each of the characters if you are interested.

It’s unfortunate that RED only pulled in $20 million in opening weekend falling a far second to JackAss 3-D ($50m). This is a far superior film and deserves more attention. Out of all of the recent ‘betrayed special ops team that gets revenge’ type story that have come out this year, this is the best of them.

I give this a 3.5 Babbles out of 5.



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3 responses to “RED

  1. Julie

    I loved this movie. I ❤ Bruce Willis. Great review, Tony – my one complaint is that you forgot to mention KARL URBAN! He was almost as good as Bruce Willis!

    • Tony

      Your right Urban was great and I am becoming more of a fan of his with every movie. However, I there were a few actors you could have plugged into that role and it would have been fine. So while I thought he was appropriate counter to Willis, it wasn’t a stand out performance compared to the rest of the veteran cast. Thanks Julie as always for commenting!

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