Captain America, Dark Knight, & the Hobbit

Entertainment Weekly revealed one of the first shots of Chris Evans as Captain America. This is one of the highest anticipated comic book adaptation of all time and Marvel is hoping that it will spearhead gigantic momentum leading up to the future Avengers movie. This origins story is set in World War II and presumably will end in the 21st century. EW is teasing us with this partial shot but I am sure his full uniform will be revealed soon. We saw the actual shield at Comic Con and it was pretty stellar. Captain America: The First Avenger is scheduled to open June 25th 2011.

Director Christopher Nolan has been stirring up some DC news of his own with updates on the mega-hit Batman franchise. He announced that the title of this third installment will be The Dark Knight Rises. Warner Bros is pressuring Nolan to follow the 3-D trend but he is resisting (good for him). The only other piece of news Nolan revealed was that the villain WILL NOT be the Riddler. Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to release on June 20th 2012.


Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Director Peter Jackson has some news of his own with the long overdue The Hobbit. After a year of preparation, Director Guillermo del Toro left the movie, halting production. Peter Jackson has returned to build on the LOTRs mythology which only seems right. He announced that Martin Freeman will play Bilbo Baggins. comedic actor Freeman was a fan favorite across the pond and should do a fantastic job. Jackson also announced that The Hobbit will stay in New Zealand. It will also be done in two parts with the first being released December of 2012.


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