Eastbound and Down for Halloween

I’m not much for horror films so “for Halloween” I’ll review the first few episodes of “Eastbound and Down” – the HBO series with Danny McBride.
I dig Danny McBride’s humor (“Land of the Lost”, “The Foot Fist Way”, various skits online with Will Ferrell) – wherever Danny is, Will Ferrell’s not far behind and neither is their style of humor.
However, I haven’t been convinced yet that he can carry a whole movie let alone a whole series. Skits are great for him b/c you get in, hit the joke and get out. But for sustained comedy, I’m not so sure.
“Eastbound and Down” is a classic “McBride” premise of overconfident, arrogant, nobody – in this case Kenny Powers – thinks too much of himself and let’s it known to anyone around him.
Kenny is a down-and-out baseball player who was once great and imploded his career and everything around him. He winds up back in his hometown teaching at the highschool and hijinks ensue as he tries to relive and regain greatness.
The first 3 episodes set the stage and develop many of the characters of his return to hometown: his brother’s family, the school teaches, highschool flame, etc. They do a good job of surrounding him with targets and various subjects of torment of his over-the-top personality.

Again, I’m not convinced an entire series can be build around this, but they set the stage for good skit-like situations in each episode like when he makes a “celebrity” appearance at a car dealership (owner played by Will Ferrell). In later episodes/seasons, he goes to play in Mexico and maybe changes in location like that can keep the series fresh.
I don’t think “Eastbound and Down” should be compared with other series and such. Just like I don’t expect (and I don’t want) a serious storyline – please, no “on a very special ‘Eastbound and Down’…” So as long as the jokes are frequent and varied, I think it will be a good show to check out… as long as it’s not the same joke over and over (again, varied).
NOTE: The show is on HBO so beware of plenty of vulgarity and the like.
I’ll have to reserve full rating until I’ve seen more, but for the premise, first first episodes, etc., I’ll give it 3 babbles.


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