My Killer Costume

Hey everyone! It’s your fourth favorite Babbler here, showing you my Halloween costume. Now I know this is a little shameless and self-indulgent, but if you are on the ones who actually read my Babble’s or blog, I figured you might get a kick out of this, if not, please scroll on down to something more interesting.

This is my Dexter Morgan costume from the aptly named show, Dexter, which most of you know I love.

The costume worked well and fans of the show got it. There were a couple of items I would have liked to have but didn’t. Namely microscope slides, a syringe, a saw, and a hot blond on my arm to play Rita. I did however, get to practice my “killer” dance moves.  I might even wear this one to Comic-Con next year.

I give it four Babbles. Cheers!


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