Original Avatar 2 and 3 Plots Revealed!

So this is no shocking news but James Cameron announced there will be two more Avatar movies, thus creating a trilogy. Look, I love J.C. I mean the guy has had a brilliant career filled with some of my favorite movies. Who can argue against Aliens, Terminator 2, The Abyss, and I hate to admit it, but I even liked Titanic. (One of my forbidden 5.)

However, when they announced the new Avatars, I just felt…defeated. Here we go again, Hollywood milking a series to the point of bleeding the public to death. I know I wasn’t one of the many who lauded praise upon praise on Avatar. So I will say it right now, just to make it known, Avatar is visually the most amazing movie ever made. The ground breaking 3D is awesome and the graphics and colors are astounding and the action is great as well. That being said, the story sucked. It was Pocahantas or Dances with Wolves in space. So that being said, since Cameron copied those films for his first movie, I am worried he might have writers block and thought he might need help ripping off other movies for his next two films. So I compiled this list of possibilities. I tried to keep with his “native” theme.

The bear necessities of screen writing?

The Jungle Book – Taking the story one step further, a local human child is lost in the Pandora jungle and raised by the numerous mysterious creatures that live there. You could even turn this one into a musical.

The Alamo – The RDA Corporation returns with overwhelming force and the locals must stall for time to gather their forces. They defend a strategic position in a hopeless battle that buys the rest of the Na’vi (the blue people) the time they need to rally. This is perfect for the second movie because it would end on a low note, with the defenders being overrun in the end.

Terminator 2 – Going so far as to copy one of his own movies (might as well) a Na’vi from the future goes back in time to stop a human assassin who has gone back in time to kill the leader of the Na’vi resistance.

The Bridge on the River Kwai – Captured Na’vi are forced into a labor camp by the humans and are completely demoralized and abused.  A Na’vi leader rises up and inspires them to build a bridge to raise their moral. The Na’vi are whistling happy away under their brutal conditions completely unaware of the free Na’vis plans to destroy their hard work.

The Searchers – A remake of one of  John Wayne’s most famous films. This time the natives play the bad guys, wait, we can’t do that anymore…

Tom Hanks Avatarized

You’ve Got Mail – A big time, corporate, human Pandora bookstore owner falls for a local Na’vi female whose bookshop he is trying to put out of business.

Anyway Mr. Cameron, these are just a few examples of possible plots in case you need some inspiration for your next two movies. Let me know what you think!


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One response to “Original Avatar 2 and 3 Plots Revealed!

  1. RKSubi

    I agree with your assessment of Avatar – most visually striking movie ever, but otherwise a narrative retread.

    I would imagine they could also take a page out of Empire Strikes Back just like Pirates 2 did. It ends with Sully gets captured, frozen in carbonite, and sent to RDA headquarters, leaving us all hanging off that proverbial cliff and dying to know how he gets saved in Avatar 3.

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