the walking spousal-abuse

I’m with Jeff – “The Walking Dead” didn’t need racism and it doesn’t need to be dealing with spousal abuse. Maybe they aren’t introducing it as a theme or a subject matter they’ll deal with for a while, but it’s certainly not something you can just ‘throw into the mix’ and let it lie there.

I didn’t read the comic so I’m coming at it from a fresh, TV-only viewer perspective. I think they should stick to the topics at hand: zombie apocalypse, finding other survivors, what to do next!?!?!?

Also in the latest episode, episode 3 titled “Tell it to the Frogs”, there’s certainly already plenty of drama with (spoiler alert) Rick finding his wife and son! I mean, roll the credits, he found them! Just a second, he’s going back into the city!?!?!

On one hand, I didn’t really buy that. But on the other, yeah!, let’s get back to the zombies!

I’m digging the show and trying to just enjoy the ride and not over analyze it – it’s a zombie show so… you have to keep that in mind.

However, I do think there needs to be a good catch-phrase for Rick and/or all of them. Maybe when they shoot a zombie they can say something catchy… how about: “Have a rest, walker.” Or “This is a no walking zone.” or “No brains for you – one year.”



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2 responses to “the walking spousal-abuse

  1. Yeah the comic doesn’t have the abuse. As for them going back into the city I like it, because it establishes their humanity. In that with everything going on, they couldn’t just leave a guy to die exposed to the elements like that. The show brings out issues of what it take to survive, vs. what it mean to be human. It also establishes the code of honor Rick tries so hard to live by despite everything. The racism I could handle to a degree, since it was the south, but the abuse thing was a little to much.

    For a qoute..”When in roam do as the roamers do…”

    • I liked that they went back, but mainly b/c that’s where the zombies are. 🙂
      Other than that, I think it felt forced, but I’m ok w/ that too b/c… it’s a show… a zombie show – I have to view it w/in the presented reality.
      I was ok w/ the racism – it’s just it felt forced and didn’t really add anything. As far as it being possible, sure.

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