Christmas Movie Review Poll

We want you to pick which movie we all watch and review! We’ll each give our own special perspective on the review and each other’s reviews.
There’s also a ‘game changer’ option in the poll for us each to watch a different movie.
We’ll keep the poll up for about a week and then post the choice and expected date to have the reviews posted.
We’d like to present more options like this to you in the future to have the readers select marathons of movies to watch or topics to write on (e.g., Def-Kahn 5: Madeline Kahn series, Best Comedic Scene of all time, etc.). If you have suggestions, let us know.
So let us know!

[UPDATED: The results leaned towards each of us reviewing a separate movie. That’s our intention and the reviews will be coming soon! Thanks for contributing!]


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