Amazon PriceCheck App

Just in time for Black Friday, Amazon has a cool new PriceCheck app out. It lets you search for items in a variety of easy ways, compare prices and, of course, buy items.
As you can tell from the pic you can search by typing, UPC (via the camera), pic (camera) or speaking.

I wanted to test it out so first I did the UPC test. I didn’t even both w/ the text search – too easy. I grabbed a book (“Me, Myself and Bob” by Phil Vischer – great book). I thought I’d take a pic of the UPC, but before I could look for the button, it detected I was over the UPC and found the book! I had to do it again just to get that screenshot. Boom!

Next I wanted to try the pic search. I used the same book and it worked great! So I decided to put it to the test and use a Booples DVD. Found it! I did the audio search and skipped the easy options and tried “Booples” again. It searched for “pupil.” I tried a few more times, but it the kept searching for “google.” I assume it has a dictionary it searches and doesn’t have “Booples.” So then I tried “Lord of the Rings” and it found tons of stuff, of course.

The details it finds include price comparisons, description of the product and reviews. You can share your findings via email, text, facebook and twitter. And you can buy the product thru the app. This can be a great tool when shopping for Christmas this year to see if what you’re finding is a good deal or not. There’s also the RedLaser app that pioneered this type of functionality and is also a free app. For some reaons though, people are less intimidated when it’s from Amazon though it is a more limited app (RedLaser is owned by eBay so maybe that’s just the same???).
So enjoy your Christmas shopping this year and be sure to -PLUG- buy plenty of Booples DVDs (always free shipping) for all the kids!


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