Skyline is the latest in the long shameless movies about the end of the world at the hands (or tentacles) of aliens. I won’t bother with a plot summary since it would be more effective to call it Cloverfield meets District 9 with a dash of Independence Day and War of the Worlds. Except not as good as any of those.

The fact that Skyline was not screened for critics was a pretty big clue that the invasion would not bode well for humans on-screen or off. Skyline stars a cast of B-listers that looked like they were rejects from some sort of twenty-something horror flick like ‘I know what you screamed last summer on Halloween’. In fact, a cast of card board cutouts would probably have been just as adequate. Besides the forgettable cast, it was also obvious that the production was severely limited by locations. The whole movie is shot in three boring settings- a condo, rooftop, and parking garage. As a result, the story is contrived to keep them contained in that small area (with the momentum too). There really is nothing original here. Even the most important part, the aliens, are the squid-like garden variety you’ve seen a million times before. The conclusion tries to take it to a new level but it just becomes laughable. Of course, it ends with the possibility of a sequel. I think I would rather actually be enslaved by aliens than see the follow-up to this mess.

There is one semi-bright spot and I mean just one. This movie is made on a shoe string budget of $20 million- it shows in a lot of ways. However, the effects are not that bad. Sure it’s clearly CGI but for what they were trying to accomplish, it is a modest success. When the aliens get to ground level and have to interact with the cast, it doesn’t seem like they are on the same plane of existence, so that was kinda’ cheesy. But, the long shots and aerial scenes were pretty strong. One particular air combat sequence could go toe-to-toe with anything else out there.  So while there is not much to redeem from this movie, it is clear that there was someone on the production that had some mad skillz and probably has a future in this industry.

Cooler than the actual movie, was this promo (below) that we saw at Comic Con. It was a bubble machine that was launching human shapes into the sky. They would float up all the way out of sight every few minutes. It was recreating the abduction scene in the movie. Pretty awesome.

So, this holiday season, I would say skip Skyline and wait for BattleLA coming out this next summer. There has also been some recent controversy about the makers of Skyline and the makers of Battle LA- you can read the article here.

I give this a 1.5 Babbles out of 5


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