Breaking Me Badd

To continue my trend of great shows that have been forever but I never started watching until recently (i.e.: Dexter) I would like to throw Breaking Bad into the mix. My fellow Babbler Johnny and I, after much hype and curiosity, decided to start watching this and it leaves me with only one real question. Actually two…

Why the heck didn’t I start watching this sooner?

Who is the genius at AMC that keeps producing these awesome shows? (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead etc.)

Bryan Cranston plays Walter H White, a high school chemistry teacher who turns 50, receives some very bad health news and realizes his best days are far behind him and that pretty soon there will be no one left to take care of his family. So what any ordinary, normal human being do in this situation? Simple: Break Bad, as in lose it.

In order to make money and ensure his family is taken care of when he is gone, he decides to put his chemistry knowledge to good use and starts making Crystal Meth and finds himself plunged into a world that a nerdy, little white guy has no business being in and forced to make decisions he would never have dreamed he would have to make.

Think Fight Club, or Falling Down here. A man faces his life’s failures and what he has become versus what he had dreamed of being at one point. To add to his woe he was once part of Nobel Prize winning science team, but those days are long gone now.

The acting is brilliant and Cranston really makes you feel sorry for him. The writing is crisp and the characters compelling. This show is no picnic, the content is dark and not for everyone, which is why I love it. Granted I’m only a few episodes into the first season but I like what I have watched so far. If you are one of the ten people left in America who hasn’t watched this show you should check it out.

Ironically enough, famed Batman villain the Scarecrow was a former high school chemistry teacher turned bad guy/drug dealer. Hollywood will probably try a cross over.

Now that would break bad.


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