Europa novel review

Special thanks to Whitney Sanderline for this review of a new novel. This is a special review since she knows the author :). 

My husband wrote a book and it came out earlier this year.  What follows is a short synopsis:

Scientists believe that Europa, on of Jupiter’s 60+ moons, is covered in ice and that underneath the ice is a liquid ocean.  “Europa,” Josh’s book, assumes that premise is true and that, 350 years in the future, there is a well-established mining colony on Europa.

The main character’s name is Jonas Black and, with the help of his father, Jonas has designed and built submarine that is built in the shape of a manta ray.  The story opens with Jonas and his mom and dad on the brink of his exploratory trip to circumnavigate Europa. Jonas will be the first person in Europa’s short, known history to do this.

Jonas leaves on his trip and slowly discovers that the human history on Europa may have begun a hundred or so years earlier than originally thought.  His discoveries lead to significant opportunities for personal and scientific growth.

Meanwhile, back at the mining colony, mercenaries institute a coup and take over the colony and the trade operations.  People are killed, on both sides, but the bad guys delay their stay on Europa a little too long.  When Jonas returns to the colony, he unwittingly comes back to a rebellion in progress.

Ok, I feel slightly uncomfortable really rating this book because it would be, at the very least, indirectly self-serving.  I loved the story and the setting is totally unique.  If I was rating this book and you believed me,

I would give it a 5 out of 5 Babbles.  Everyone who has read the story, loves it too.

 Josh’s website is and his blog (most often updated) can be found here.   The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and on the publisher’s website.

Thanks for letting me share!


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