You probably know the story from the trailer and you can tell the animation is great. The storytelling is awesome and the plot construction, voice acting, etc. – it’s all great. But what is the core? What is the lesson learned?
I had a chance to sit down with the infamous Mother Gothel and talk about how she sees the story and what the implications of this movie are.

Me: First off, thank you for your time. To get right into it, do you feel you are accurately and fairly treated by this story?

MG: Darling, my time is worth more than you know. If this doesn’t result in greater ticket sales, you can take your thank you and shove it in…

Me: I’m going to assume that this movie is actually a true story and possibly unscripted based on your answer there. So what’s the take-away?

MG: If you don’t see the underlying lesson here, you won’t understand the explanation, child.

Me: Humor me. Explain it to me like I’m a 4-year-old.

MG: Don’t flatter yourself, genius. The story, in a nutshell, is about a beautiful woman who merely wants to continue life unending to serve others in her own… way. Eternal youth is a gift – it is my gift to others to remain young and share my beauty; to allow others to enjoy it without loss.

Me: But by not sharing the power of the…

MG: Share? I shared. I didn’t hide myself.

Me: I’m not referring to sharing you, but the…

MG: Dear. Please. I wanted to live and they wanted me to die. Can you see who in the wrong here? Are you simple?

Me: Ok. So you just want to stay young for the benefit of others and they want to take that away from you.

MG: Ta-da.

Me: So by locking Rapunzel away you’re just… protecting others? I’m not…

MG: Listen, darling. Rapunzel had to be protected – she was naïve. The outside world would eat her alive. She’d never been out in the wild.

Me: Because you locked her…

MG: He did, she did, they… doesn’t matter, baby. That hair had to be protected. She gets it caught in a branch and it’s gone. Trust me.

Me: Ok, so through the kindness of your heart, you lock Rapunzel in a tower, keep yourself young and beautiful for the world to see and everyone is happy.

MG: Wouldn’t that have been nice. Are we done? Goodbye.

I’d like to thank Mother Gothel for her time, insight and educating me on the true story and meaning of the movie: protecting your beauty for the world is hard and unsupported by others.

I give it 4.5 Babbles:


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