3 minute recap of the original TRON

As approach the release of TRON Legacy, I have heard many complaints about the lack of availability of the original TRON on DVD. An interesting phenomenon has occurred that I have never seen before. A few years ago, Disney released the TRON 20th Anniversary Edition on a 2-disc set and this appears to be the last copy circulating around. I did some research to discover why. Disney, fearing the aged graphics will turn off younger viewers, has pulled all known copies of TRON from the shelves and online stores. You may even noticed that there have been no releases of images, books, or toys referring to the original TRON. Disney is trying to keep the public from seeing the outdated CGI and out-of-style design from this early 80’s cult classic. Currently copies of TRON on DVD are going for $100-150 on Ebay, it’s that rare! It’s like Disney is the MCP trying to wipe out the TRON program from existence! Whoa, so meta.

For the record, the studio denies intentionally depriving TRON fans the original cut but it’s evident that’s what is going on. Rarely does a studio miss the opportunity to cash in on a past product unless it fears it will negatively affect its upcoming one. Disney says they have the Blue Ray master and is just waiting for the most ‘strategic’ time…yea, right. iTunes and Netflix mysteriously stopped carrying it and most Blockbusters don’t have it anymore either. Here in LA only 2 of the 30 stores hav it in stock. Coincidence? If I were a Bit, I would say ‘no, no, no’.

So for those of you that don’t own a copy but desperately want to know what you missed, check out this brief synopsis from video above from Indie Mogul’s Grace Randolph.

On Thursday I will also being posting my review of the original TRON in preparation of TRON Legacy.



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8 responses to “3 minute recap of the original TRON

  1. Jaime

    thanks for posting this it makes a lot more sense I couldnt stand siting through the first movie. i know it was ground breaking special effects and all but it was just so slow moving.

    • Tony

      Yea, you have to appreciate it in context. At the time, it didn’t appeal to either the nerds nor the common viewer. It didn’t have an audience. I like it much more now seeing how it has affected pop culture in the past three decades. Tanks for commenting and visiting!

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  3. Not_a_fanboi

    Can’t find the original Tron? I have one word for you: isohunt. Just downloaded it via utorrent this past weekend in preparation for Legacy (what else am I supposed to do? Can’t rent or buy it anywhere…). The one I got (there were three available) was in French but it had English on the secondary audio channel.

  4. Hi, I found your blog thanks to the top ten list wordpress puts together with the best blog posts and I found yours very refreshing and insightful. I wanted to ask u to check my blog, I also do movie reviews, but in spanish. They´re mostly movies that are inspiring or classics. Not necesarilly mainstream, unless something like TRON comes up. I would really apreciate you checking it out to give me some ideas as to hwo to get more visitors. Its been almost two years and I want to shake things a bit. Just not sure how. Once again your blog is awesome and it helped me tremendously! Keep it up and Happy Holidays!

    • Tony

      Thanks for your question. I will check out your site and send you some feedback asap. Thanks for letting us know that you like B5 and visit again soon.

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  6. Hello ! I’m new on this forum, hope to talk to you soon 🙂
    I love carsn seotons and tuning, and you ?

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