Top 10 Problems of Tron Legacy

Now that my official review of TRON Legacy is done, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of ‘nit picking’. If you are unfamiliar with that term, nit-picking is when you point out plot holes, continuity errors, or just things that hurt the film. I was very grateful that chose to feature my post on their front page this week which in turn attracted tons of traffic and a variety of comments. So I wanted to fan the flames of debate about this much-anticipated and hyped up film. Why? Because I am a nerd and this is what I do. I’ve had almost 30 years dreaming of this sequel so I’ve got to get some of my angst out. Warning, this list is not for the faint at heart. If you aren’t a hardcore nerd then I suggest you turn away now! I agree with this excerpt that explains the overall problem I had with this story:  

Joseph Kosinksi’s film doesn’t have a single problem. It’s got problems. Plural. The problem sectors in script and on-screen gravitate towards one another, feeding off of each other’s deficiencies in some kind of perverse, parasitic relationship that results in them swelling in size until their hideous mass – this swirling, twisted orgy of character failings, action shortcomings and single-minded direction – is so big that it simply must be addressed. But even though it has a myriad of them, all of Tron: Legacy’s cinematic malignancies stem from a sole fundamental failure: The Grid is boring. By Peter Hall –

1. The most colorless colorful characters: Played by the brilliant Cillian Murphy, this was an extremely wasted part. Introduced as the son of former CEO Dillinger, all Edward does is tap on the keyboard during the software meltdown and says a line then walks off. Never to be seen again. Is this a sequel set up? If so, would it made sense to have him play a small part in the Tron world as well? Maybe he should have been CLU’s sidekick climbing to power? His role was non-essential and unimaginative (you are going to read this word a lot so get used to it). Gem, was a very visually striking character that did what? By day she works in a ‘program processing center’ then by night she is a bar fly? Was it by chance she met Sam earlier and did she really just happen to see him on the street that night? The story insinuates a subtle manipulator but doesn’t expand on it. Don’t get me started on Castor. Clearly, he was the only member of the cast having fun, but I think his ridiculous antics just served to cover up the lack of character development. Why was Quorra so confident in trusting him with Sam when clearly she was still a sore subject with Castor? Why did he betray Sam and his belief in the users? The lack of character development for these secondary characters really hurt the richness of this story.

2. Alan’s rockin pager: How exactly did this happen? We are to believe that Alan has been charging his pager every night and maintaining the service for almost 20+ years after Flynn’s disappearance? The Flynn’s arcade phone number has been disconnected and service is down, so does CLU have the ability to manipulate the User world too? CLU has the power to communicate to the outside world and Flynn does not? I understand that it was a plot device to make it feel cryptic and mysterious but it doesn’t make sense. After 30 years of waiting on the CEO of his company, wouldn’t Alan felt a responsibility to ENCOM to explore it himself rather than send a maverick to go snoop around? Or at least go with him?

3. Alan’s 2-D role: Are we to believe that from 1982-89, 7 years of Flynn going back and forth in both worlds that he never felt compelled to tell his best friend about it or invite him to come along? This is a pretty major secret to keep from the only person Flynn trusted. I think it would have made more sense if realizing Flynn’s plight, Alan worked the problem on the outside trying to free TRON while Sam was sent to the Grid to rescue dear ol’ dad. At least it would have given Alan something to do besides pitch an implausible pager story then sit around twittling his thumbs.

4. What in the world?: This is a pretty major one for me. The world crafting in the Legacy was pretty careless and unexplained. Sure it looks visually stunning but how did it de-evolve into its current state. Why are there dedicated neighborhoods, street lamps, buildings, etc? The recognizers are kicking up dust, really dust? Why is their virtual dust flying around? If Flynn programmed it to simulate a real world environment that’s fine but we don’t know that. When Quorra’s dune buggy appears and skids around, she starts kicking up all kinds of smoke. You need friction, physics, and weight to cause impressive peel outs. She also says that CLU’s vehicles can’t drive over the rough terrain to pursue them, what tha what? They can’t build off-road tires? Then why doesn’t CLU just fly after them? What exactly are they eating and drinking anyways? Why do their drinks need ice? Why are they so physically limited to transportation. The original Tron had some limited teleportation and it would make sense there would be some here instead of taking public transportation everywhere. It’s also raining and storming at times. For what? Here’s another random thought, when CLU plants bombs in Caster’s bar, why did he need so many? Is mass of the explosive really that important? There is no physics so it in theory could have been the size of a dime with the same effect. We also discovers Sam bleeds! He now has a physical, blood pumping body in the virtual world? There is air? I thought he was digitized? The world crafting for this Tron incarnation is just lazy and unimaginative. It was more like an alien world or parallel universe rather than a world inside the computer. The original Tron did a better job delineating the real world from the virtual one. Instead of it being a computer world that mirrored the human world, Legacy did it the other way around. Boring.

5. Thank the Users it’s Friday: It’s nice to know that after a long days work that the programs can crack open a cold one and chillax. We see them eating, drinking, carousing, and going out for entertainment. So these programs are not always working? Do they work 9-5 jobs? Do they take vacation and sick leave as well? When was the last time you clicked on WORD and a note popped up that said ‘out to lunch’? Every program should be focused on their design, doing the menial labor like Gem was in the first part of the movie. Seeing how the world operated was much more interesting than seeing downtime at the local bar. There are even homeless people! So there is also unemployment and other society problems. Apparently, CLU’s perfect system is not so perfect. The culture the film develops is really important. It tells so much without using words. So when you see that these programs are no so different from us then it takes the viewer out of the fantasy. I felt the original TRON did a much better job of creating a stronger people culture. I also think it was unfortunate that the ‘belief in the users’ talk was dropped. The lack of the religious overtones made this a more shallow experience. Again, an unimaginative direction.

6. What’s the name of this movie again?: Like the Original, the reasoning for the movie title is stretched. At least in the original, Tron was one of the main characters and delivers the killing blow to the MCP. In this one, Tron (or Rinzler) is relegated to a brief cameo and is just a ‘muscle’ character for CLU. Instead of being called TRON Legacy, it should have been called Tron Cameo! He is actually in a lot of scenes  but because his costuming was so similar to the others, you really don’t visually pick up it’s Rinzler. Sure the flashback cameo with the CGI Boxleitner was pretty cool but it was way too quick. His death at the end was also really unrewarding as well as underserved. How did he snap out of CLU’s control? You would think for someone who played a pivotal role in the first movie, would have been given a more meaningful character arc. I know fans are disappointed. Lazy and unimaginative.

7. Sam I Am: I thought that Sam’s origins were strong. From the get go, you are already rooting for him to find his dad. However, once he is in the Tron world, very little more is done with his development. He is a ‘User’ after all. Not only that but he is the son of the creator. Wouldn’t it have made sense that he also manifest extraordinary powers or skills? He clearly has some programming experience but we don’t see any of that help in later in the movie. He also somehow becomes a trained hand-to-hand fighter which is unexplained. All we need was that as a user, he is able to download skills (like Neo in the Matrix). The worst part is that he really could care less about the Grid. He is apathetic. As a user I think it would have been more interesting for him to develop compassion for this new world and see the potential of what his dad saw. I think caring for this new world would have been the biggest fuel for his reason to take ENCOM back over. It was just lazy character development.

8. Quorra chameleon: There is so much about Quorra that is under developed. It’s pretty lame that the Iso people are introduced then so quickly eradicated. I read the prequel graphic novel that explains much of this and even I felt a little confused by the quick treatment. I liked her character but I didn’t like that her purpose was unclear. There was ample opportunity with all the excessive technobabble in the middle section of the movie but it resulted in more confusion. I think a simple line from Flynn like ‘I found a way to create new life in here that can exist in the real world. We can make new life!’ It just would have helped the non-techy and non-nerds out there understand the significance of Quorra’s existence. It had to be clear that her survival was more important than Flynn getting out of the Grid.  

9. OMF!: Oh my Flynn! Is he the creator of not? He’s been trapped in this world for almost 30 years (hundreds in Tron years) and the most he can create is a mountain side condo? He could have created a hundred CLUs to take the Grid back over. He exhibited more power in the original Tron than he did in this one. They made him really helpless in this world and I thought that was really frustrating. He even had trouble reprogramming the security guard in the hanger! This approach of Flynn’s story reminded me of Yoda’s self exilement on Dagobah after Episode III. The two most powerful characters in the universe decide to just retreat and meditate? Even after he is out, all he does in the club scene is turn off the lights? Ooooh, ahhhh. Even after is ID disc is stolen it didn’t seem to really affect him. I know they story needed CLU to be in charge but I think it could have simply been resolved if CLU had Flynn’s identity disc from the start and was just waiting for the portal to be opened again. This would leave Flynn powerless because of his disconnection to the Grid and justify CLU’s rise to power. Then at the end, when he is reunited with his disc, he could open up some good ole fashion user power. Again, lazy and unimaginative.  

10. End of line?: The stakes at the end was not entirely clear. I’ve already mentioned about the ambiguity about Quorra’s purpose, but what was CLU exactly going to do? Was he going to physically manifest his army into Flynn’s arcade and attack the world? He had enough troops and vehicles to the equivalent of an aircraft carrier. He would be lucky to take over Jamaica with a force that size. But then I thought, maybe his army represented a virus army that was going to be unleashed and multiply in the real world like Skynet (Terminator). Either way, the writers should have picked one story to develop. Stopping the Iso from leaving or stopping CLU from entering the real world or returning Flynn home. As the viewer, I didn’t know who to root for more and was left partially unsatisfied for all. I also didn’t get why reintegrating CLU to Flynn would cause such a cataclysmic destruction. The orignal CLU died and it was just a loss of a program. Granted this new one has evolved but how did the stakes rise so much? Poor Alan. After all that, he is still left in the dark about what happened and who this new chick that suddenly appeared is. Too me, this whole movie can be compared to the introduction of Flynn’s lifecycle. Here’s the coolest and fastest cycle on the grid that is just used to take a casual commute to downtown- lame. You can probably guess my next line; Lazy and unimaginative.

You might be thinking that I am nuts to be thinking so much into this. But hey, I’ve been sick at home in a semi-drugged induced coma meditating over my nit piks. For true fanboys and girls, this stuff is important. It helps build a reality and cult followings that the original Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTRs, Aliens, Terminator, and the original Tron so deserved. TRON has been off the grid for too long and no one more than us nerds want to embrace this new world with endless possibilities. But with uninspired and unimaginative work shown in TRON Legacy, I am afraid that won’t happen. Like Peter Hall’s early quote stated, all this mess just made TRON Legacy boring. Reflected in my earlier review, I still liked Legacy but as a normal movie attendee and not so much as a TRON geek.

Ok, let’s enter the game grid and bring on your thoughts!



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42 responses to “Top 10 Problems of Tron Legacy

  1. hakjoon

    pretty spot on, tony. i was not a super big fan of some of the production design. the light cycles were cool, but too many things felt dated. the costumes were horrible, esp the helmets (which were clearly a cg cheat). why is it so stormy (and dusty) in the virtual world after all that work they all did to add life and color to the virtual world?

    • Tony

      Yea, some of the designs was inspired and some of it was boring. I thought the helmets were wierd too. If they were going to have so much atmosphere and real world physics, it should have been explained that Flynn created it to inject more humanity in the system. Maybe it was by introducing chaos that the Iso race was formed? Too much information not enough explaination.

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  4. aj

    Tron died from falling out of the flyer thing and “drowning”. he turned blue because he fell into the special water that in the first one gave them energy..or something like that…even if he got out of that he died from kevin sucking in CLU and destroying everything.

    • Possibly not, as Tron was not part of the original system, but imported. It’s quite possible that only what Flynn created was deleted.

      • Thrashbrine

        My thinking on what could have happened with Tron (please note I still havnt watched the first one sadly. I’m also only in high school). Because CLU was changing all the programs into his new army how would Tron have been made into a “program” since he can’t be reprogrammed as a human. Could this tron be a mere copy like CLU or somehow changed? Also a question to you more loyal Tron fans out there what did happen that made tron become bad if it did say how in the original. I need to watch the old one, so my comment could be invalid. I also might watch tron uprising again. I watched maybe 5 episodes but at the time didn’t enjoy it. I think now is a good time to watch them all.

  5. nate

    Too many lame one liners, to many throw-backs to the original and not enough original story of its own.

    As a movie, its was good. Not great, just good. But as a hard-core fan growing up with the original, I wanted more. First the original was so ground breaking. Disney took a chance. Not so much this time. Second lets go over some problems again. If Kevin had been in and out, why not fix CLU as a program earlier. If TRON is himself a program writen by Allen, why is Allen so in the dark. And this “portal”: originally Kevin found himself on the Grid to play games because the MCP brought him there by digitalizing him. Then he leaves by throwing himself into the MCP, I guess as a virus to override him and give TRON a chance to beat him. Kevin’s return to the real world was because he had control of the program. Now its a portal that can only be opened from the outside. Plot flaw or programing flaw by Kevin, either way its poor writing. And they didn’t eat in the original, why now. And there is no “off the grid” its all the grid, why does CLU have an issue following off the grid.

    Action movie, yes… techo-drama NO! NO NO NO!

    • Tony

      Good questions. Overall they didn’t build on or resolve questions about the Grid. Instead they just created new ones. Clearly whoever wrote it was not a computer geek and had little value for tech culture. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    • Andras Dotsch

      Well, it turned out at the end that CLU had no issue visiting Flynn’s apartment. 🙂 Yeah, and why didn’t CLU fly after them?

      Also, did you realize that Flynn had his id disk on his back in several scenes even after it was stolen! 🙂

  6. friday psp

    Damn, i didnt notice a few of the things you pointed out @_@ thanks. Btw, i dont think tron died. the movie left one big hole only a sequel (Pray to god it’s better) can fill. Tron didnt dematerialize in the water, which i think is pure data, and, while the programs and the city were poofed by the CLU – Flynn explosion, the ocean and landscape were still there… Maybe iso’s will return? idk. food for thought.

    • Tony

      Yes, it’s true that they intentionally didn’t show TRON derez for the posibility of his return. It’s just too bad they treated his character so poorly. I really think he could have been a pivitol part of this movie but instead he felt shoe horned into it to appease the fans. If there is a sequel, I hope he is redeemed. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Andras Dotsch

    Everyone was able to see that the portal is open. Why was it a surprise then that there is a user among them?

    • Tony

      Ha ha, very true. The portal wasn’t very subtle was it? Plus, why is it so far away? Wouldn’t CLU have built his army building factory right next too it? The geography didn’t make any sense. Thanks for commenting!

  8. Tony2

    Tony, spot on. I liked the movie for what it was but thought also that there were some very big problems. When they said earlier in the movie that Flynn and CLU can’t reintegrate, it would destroy them both, I thought, “Huh? Why?” They just touched on it and moved on – something I thought they did for a lot of the movie. There’s not going into detailed explanations of things and then there’s just throwing out unexplained plot points. And never mind the whole issue of anything from the grid materializing in the real world … I guess they thought if we would accept people being able to move from the real world to the grid, we’ll accept the opposite as well.

    I also questioned how CLU was able to send the page since the servers the grid was running on were supposed to be isolated servers not connected to any network. Of course, as a system engineer, the first thing I thought when I saw the servers was, “They’re still running after 15+ years with no problems or even a reboot? Where’d he get that hardware?”

    Some of the things I’ve seen here in the comments were “explained” in the movie … if you can call it that. The portal was so far away so that no one would stumble upon it by accident. I pretty much took it as a given that the sailer station was where it was because that was the edge of the coherent grid. The sea of data was unformed data, chaos… although I freely admit that I probably read that somewhere instead of getting it from the movie.

    CLU was only able to go to Flynn’s apartment after “tracing” the lightcycle back to it’s origin – again, “explained” in the movie but I couldn’t help but wonder if they could trace that, why couldn’t they trace the runner? Or Flynn’s disk which must have been the most powerful object on the grid?

    As for Tron being on the grid, Flynn said that he brought Tron and CLU to this new grid and created it to be a utopia (or some such). To me, that said that Flynn appropriated the Tron program for his own purposes.

    I walked out of the movie wondering why they called it “Tron” also – there are other ways of naming a movie that can tie it to the original without being it being a blatant cash-grab.

    • Tony

      Great thoughts! Yea, I don’t think most of this needed a ton of explaination, just something simple. It’s like they didn’t even try to give fans a plausible nor creative explanation. The whole geography of the Grid seemed kinda silly to me. The fact they have to travel so linear instead of in full 3 dimensions (up and down) just feels too real world. TRON has been compared to Avatar and while the effects are amazing, I think Cameron did a much better job creating the rules of that world. The Grid feels like it was designed for a 10 year old to understand. Sad. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  9. Here’s the question I was left with.

    Since everything in a computer is data (even the programs) and since they had Kevin Flynn’s ID shouldn’t that have been enough to re-create him in the physical world? It’s just data. Are they implying that there was something intrinsic that couldn’t be copied to an ID but could exist in the grid?

    • Tony

      Yea, good question and bad explanation from filmmakers. I hope the next one uses better logic. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  10. jonno

    The other scenes where Flynn has “His” disk after it was taken, it was Quorras when she took off, other than that, atleast in the DVD version I’ve seen there is no issue with him having HIS disk after it was taken. The only thing I didn’t (or maybe I did like it cuz it was less cgi) was the fact that their battery packs for the suits were left visible in all scenes… What kind of purpose do they have in the gaming grid? allot of things not explained, I still haven’t scene the 1st tron (I’m young kill me if u wanna) but I also noticed allot of plot holes. I mean I read allot of the tron wiki to try to get better insight into what the hell was going on, obviously the reason I’m on this page lol.

  11. RileyB

    My question/problem is with the time cycles. When Sam is reunited with his father, Flynn says that the portal is open for one milli-cycle, or about eight hours. By my math, and assuming the prefix milli still functions as it does in reality, i.e. one one-thousandth, that would make a cycle approximately 333 days. But then later in the film, Castor asks CLU how long he’s been after Flynn’s id disc. Then he answers his own question with ‘a thousand cycles?’ so there is a serious timeline error, given that it has only been twenty years, which, by the 333 day format would only be about 21 2/3 cycles. Unless of course Castor is speaking metaphorically, milli- is not being used conventionally, or some other vague explanation is offered in the film that I missed. But it seems like this is just another example, much like many that you highlighted, where the story was fluffed for entertainment purposes and theaudience was meant to just go with it.

    • Great article! Was just watching the movie again and came upon this. To address the above, the hours were grid-hours, not real-time hours. It’s supposed that Flynn had spent close to 1000 years on the grid based on hints and comments in the movie.

  12. I think that a lot of the problems concerning CLU and his “plan” for domination outside the grid can be explained by the fact that clu was a copy of Flynn, evolving and more human than other programs. If Flynn himself doesn’t even know wifi exists, how can clu accurately gauge how many troops he will need for an invasion of the real world? He has never actually seen it, after all. Hell, his big plan involves using a pager, for god’s sake. That said: I agree wholeheartedly that Flynn should have been a god, and I kept waiting for it. And the grid, originally a gaming platform, should allow for users to perform superhuman feats by its very design. ALSO…how the hell did clu repurpose TRON in the first place? How does the ultimate antivirus get hijacked? Never explained. But if theISOs developed on their own, which is line with many concepts of AI theory, and there is a resistance movement among programs, that suggests that the grid is evolving into a more human, dirtier place. I’m down with that, but it would have been great to have TRON as the grid’s John Conner.

  13. Tom

    All I know is that the soundtrack fucking rocked. So, at least Disney got that shit right.

  14. Perry

    All very interesting points. One thing I still don’t understand: how are they eating a cooked pig and beans if it is a truly digital world? I understand they drink “water” in te original – which apparently gives them energy. But when do you ever see animals? Or crops? Under explained.

    • Tony

      Yes, all things that make you go hmmmmmm…

      • I remember watching the original when i was a boy (im 35) and I really liked it. I cant really say that I was that impressed with tron Legacy.How did Quorra manage to get a body? Would the army all get bodies too or would they try and take over the world like in “lawnmower man” ? The film could have been so much better!! lazy and unimaginative ha ha
        nice article Tony

      • Tony Kim

        Great points! Thanks for commenting!

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  16. AdmiralXizor

    I enjoyed the movie and wasn’t as put off by many of the “nit-picks”… I saw it as less a sequel than a reboot. Therefore, many of the things that weren’t explained (a la the Matrix) are simply YET to be explained (in the Matrix, we are still waiting)…

    Just a few points:

    I truly feel that Alan had a pretty good idea where Kevin Flynn was. He was in the first movie, after all. In the real world, he fought for Sam the way Tron fought for Kevin. But, being a human, I also think he had an ulterior, less altruistic motive. We never find out what happened to Lora Baines, do we? Ultimately, Alan is left in charge of ENCOM, not Kevin, and not Sam, and he doesn’t really seem all that shocked about it. I think that’s worth keeping the lights on at the arcade and pager service, yes.

    Remember that Clu 2 is a program… I remember that the MCP from the first movie had begun to steal data from other networks, including the Defense Department. Therefore, Clu really didn’t need to have all of the soldiers to take over the world in the first wave – he really needed ACCESS to other networks, which obviously hold TRILLIONS of programs to be “rectified”, re-purposed, and unleashed into the real world. Clu’s little “presentation” during his speech to his troops actually shows this.

    Kevin Flynn specifically said that he had to remove himself from the equation, and not play Clu’s game. Small programs like food, drink, and ice wouldn’t call attention to himself, and the equivalent of hundreds of years of mini-programs like that could reasonably dull his programming skills.

    HOWEVER, Flynn didn’t simply change the music at the EOL Club. I just watched the scene again. The battle was firmly in the control of the security programs up until that point. After Flynn intervened, the skills and lethality of those programs immediately became almost nonexistent, Zuse backed down, and the security programs were neutralized in a matter of seconds. Flynn still was pretty powerful, but his focus had clearly changed – he didn’t even fly the light-plane-thingy himself.

    The world of the Grid is explained in the second sentence of Flynn’s opening voice-over… Flynn imagined everything and coded it HIS way. The reason it acts the way it does is because it has to match the experience and vision of a human prodigy, in 1985. It’s like trying to crack open an Apple Lisa and complain about it’s design, or laughing at da Vinci’s designs for a “flying machine”. I looked at it from the other direction, and marveled that a Flynn, in 1985, could conceive of a system that ANY of of would give a darn about today (at least enough to talk about it on computers with more processing power than the Grid itself.

    Anyway, I really liked the movie. Was it perfect? Nope, but sci-fi, by its very nature, is polarizing the more you think about it. It’s someone else’s world; I’m just glad I lived long enough to take the two+ hours and ten bucks to see it…

    • Tony B Kim

      Yea, criticism about any movie is all about what perspective you have on it. All in all, I just felt like there were too many holes and asked too much from it’s viewers. But ultimately, if it entertains then that is the most important thing. It’s amazing to me that the film is two years old and some are still talking about it- that’s got to mean something. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  17. Steve

    Just watched Tron: Legacy. Quick question for the experts: Why is CLU trying to kill/destroy Sam once he is discovered when they are riding the motorcycles (before Quorea arrives) if he needs him to lure Flynn to the portal? Doesn’t make sense…and it’s really bothering me; would appreciate an answer if its known. Thanks

    • Sierra

      No idea if people even still read this, but notice Clu DID have a chance to kill him, but instead, immobilized his vehicle. It might not be explained but entirely able to be implied. I feel Clu was baiting a rescue attempt, and he got it.

  18. Matthew Sabo

    One question that I have is that did Castor and Gem really derez and die when that explosion happened? as you can see there is more than one elevator in the building where End Of Line club is besides the one that CLU took on his way down. You see the charges on the wall and the time it takes for them to explode must of been at least more than two minutes because the moment the building explodes is when the scenic shot is showing CLU and his soldiers flying off in the distance with their bug wing machines. And it would of taken them a little while to get all the way down to the base of the building and get on their flying machines and up flying as high as they were when it did detonate. Gem and Castor would of had more than enough time to get out of there knowing that they would of clearly seen the charges on the wall when CLU put them on there and that Castors very hangout is in that building. Therefore he would of known how to get out of the building in different ways no problem before hand because of being there so often. Once again for all others who commented before and for all the hardcore nitty gritty nerds(such as myself, who has been keeping up with these interesting, mysterious and insightful posts about the future of this beyond immersive and emotional world of Tron), anyone willing to comment on what they think would be sweet…. and like what was said before… food for thought.

    • Matthew Sabo

      Sorry I made a mistake, I meant when they were flying off in the distance with their recognizers haha.

      • Sierra

        If they weren’t dead before, they’re definitely dead now. After Flynn reintegrated with Clu it wiped out everything he created, which leaves some to believe only Tron remains on the grid, as he was created by Alan.

  19. Bobby

    Wow. Seems like you hate this… It’s called imagination. This isn’t meant to be full blown real! If this doesn’t meet your expectations, wait till 2250 and this shit will probably be around then

  20. Bobby

    Wow. Seems like you hate this… It’s called imagination. This isn’t meant to be full blown real! If this doesn’t meet your expectations, wait till 2250 when this technology will be around

  21. RW

    Ok. First off, The Flynn/Clu recombination DID NOT destroy the entire Grid. That was made clear by the fact that even though the blast could be seen from Tron City, it didn’t actually show Tron City, or any other city of that matter being destroyed. What it did show was the fact that the I/O Tower was destroyed along with everything in the immediate surrounding area. I believe Tron survived his fall, and after rebooting swam to the surface and eventually to some land mass where he could hitch a ride back to a city. Maybe he walked. After all, the Sea of Simulation only had a virus that prevented the birth of more ISOs. It wasn’t meant to harm regular programs. And he WAS wearing a helmet. Also doesn’t water in that world equate to energy? That being said, he basically had unlimited energy to get to where he needed to go. I think all of this was to be fleshed out(Sorry about the term) in Tron 3, but it got axed due to the Star Wars and Marvel Universes being multi-billion dollar franchises where Tron only made $400 million or so(Which of course in most cases would have been a critical success).

    In the end though I see the Tron universe surviving as comics or made for TV shows like Tron Uprising, etc. But I don’t see Tron Legacy being the end of it for movies. After all an Avatar sequel is in the works, and the Xmen franchise just seems to never die, so who knows?

  22. Erik

    How and why did the arcade still have electricity when Flynn’s son went to it ?? The phone’s been shut off for 20 years…But the electrical bill has been maintained ? Please…..

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