Little Fokkers

Perversion, adultery, drug abuse, distrust, deception, promiscuity and a title that unapologetically sounds like cussing – ah, the holidays. Despite having a star-studded cast, mostly of these big names had small roles. Dustin Hoffman originally wasn’t going to be in the film and all but Stiller and De Niro hardly contribute. Owen Wilson and Jessica Alba’s roles are vital, but mostly due to plot and not screen time.

Once again the drive of the plot is Jack’s distrust of Greg – imagine that. Not since Shrek has a sequel revamped the same plot so much. Only this time, so much is put into setting up the misunderstanding that little is left for comedy… well, at least they way this was written.

There are a few humorous parts but they are short lived and few and mostly passing comments and such.

More than that though, the tone of the movie, while being a comedy, felt forced and overridden by depressing themes (no, I wasn’t in a bad mood when seeing this movie). It’s just when I think about various scenes, I think about how this guy was cheating on his wife, that person is apart from their spouse, this kid is blah and Jack, once again, is causing such problems in a good marriage. It’s suppose to be funny, but it wasn’t. It was just… he’s being a jerk. If I’m being too harsh on the movie or taking it too seriously, I have to blame the movie.

Another odd element was the whole “new house” and Harvey Keitel as Randy Weir the home remodel foreman. It was an odd cameo/role – small, strange character, didn’t really add much but had a large presence in his scenes. I wondered if it was going somewhere or just random.

Again, the whole “new house” aspect seemed weird – was it all just a long path to get to have the kids’ party at Kevin’s? It seemed like a really forced device for various parts. Of course, it played an intricate role in ending the movie in a opening for another movie.

I liked the first movie and really liked the second. The cast is great, the relationship are awesome and the dynamics pulled it all together. But this movie fell flat in all those areas.

I give it 2 out of 5 Babbles


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