My top 5 movies of 2010

I can’t believe 2010 is already over. Unlike the movie, 2010: A Space Odyssey, we are still no closer to interplanetary travel and discovering new life forms- so disappointing. Another disappointment was this years selection of movies. There were way too many films that didn’t meet expectations like Ironman 2, TRON, The Expendables, Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Jonah Hex and much more. I even had a tough time assembling my list for the top 5 movies. That’s pretty sad. However, after trudging through the sea of mediocrity, this is what I compiled for the ‘best of the best’ in mainstream for 2010.

5. Toy Story 3
While I wasn’t too gaga over this third installment, I still have to recognize its technical and story telling achievements. Pixar, of course, did it again. As great as it was, I believe the story of these toys should have concluded with T-2 making this sequel superfluous. If the year was more fruitful, Toy Story 3 would not have made it on my top 5 list. But with that said, it was still a great film. My review here.

4. True Grit
I just watched this a couple of days ago so I haven’t had a chance to write a review nor full process it. But I can say that this is a brilliant film. I am unfamiliar with the original but this Coehn Bros remake is sharply written, masterfully performed, and was filled with rich characters. I normally don’t like movies unless it contains malevolent martians or flesh-eating robots, but True Grit was the right stuff.

3. Scott Pilgrim
Sadly, my number 3 was one of the biggest box office disappointment of 2010. After exceptional hype and promotion at the San Diego Comic Con, the nerds failed to support this video game genre love story. Despite its performance I thought Edgar Wright made one of the most original and innovative movies I have ever seen. Sure it’s not Oscar worthy material but I thought it was one of the creative experience I have had in a movie in a long time. Hopefully, Hollywood won’t just Mr Wright too harshly for the monetary loss.  

2. The Social Network
I don’t think anything can characterize the past few years of our culture than the rise of social media. So to get a behind the scenes peak at the formation of Facebook is like getting to witness the courtship of your own parents. This is another witty film that made a simple software project brilliant and engaging. Perhaps director David Fincher’s next movie should be a movie about Microsoft Word or YouTube.  My review here.

1. Inception
And finally, the jewel of 2010, Christopher Nolan’s Inception. As I shared in my earlier review, Inception was one of the rare films that reminded me of ‘why’ I review films. Mind bending in multiple ways, this film once again proved that Nolan is a genius and rightfully deserves an Oscar after being robbed for the Dark Knight. I really loved this film but really came to appreciate it after reflecting on the rest of the lack luster of ’10. Creating a masterpiece is truly near impossible work, but Nolan seems to make it look easy after Memento, DK, and now Inception. My review here.

The Town get’s an ‘honorable mention’ since it single-handedly restored my faith in the smug Ben Affleck. It’s not included because there were a grip of inferior heist movies that counted against the originality of The Town. I also didn’t count great documentaries like Restrepo on this list. 

Let’s be hopeful for 2011. It’s a new year of creativity, innovation, and story telling. While 2010 yielded a few phenomenal films, I am hoping my 2011 top 5 list is over crowded with great competitors. Thanks for following BabbleOn 5 and Happy New Year!

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9 responses to “My top 5 movies of 2010

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  2. It was a weird year in movies for me. I switched from riding my recumbent bike and watching Netflix DVDs to P90X so my volume went WAY down (from like 100 to a fraction of that).

    Anyway, my top 5 list would be slightly different as I thought Toy Story 3 was lame and I didn’t see True Grit (yet). Instead of those, I’d probably put Tangled and The Town. In order..

    5. The Town
    4. Tangled
    3. The Social Network
    2. Inception
    1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    Inception and SPvTW are a tight race, but that’s it.

    • Tony

      Great list Bear! I updated my post to recognize The Town. I thought it was great but not original enough for me with all the other recent heist movies. I didn’t see Tangled or How to Train Your Dragon either which probably would have bumped Toy Story 3. Thanks!

  3. You made certain nice points there. I did a search on the topic and found mainly persons will agree with your blog.

  4. Julie

    I only saw Inception out of these 5, so I can’t really comment, but I would definitely put Robin Hood near the top. Maybe it’s just that I love that genre, but it’s one of 2 movies I decided to own on dvd this year. (One guess to what the 2nd one is!)

  5. Young-Sun Kim

    Here’s mine…

    1) The Social Network
    2) Black Swan
    3) Somewhere
    4) Never Let Me Go
    5) Inception

    Honorable Mention…
    – The King’s Speech
    – Winter’s Bone
    – The Fighter

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