2010 Year in Review

As we say goodbye to 2010 and forge ahead to the undiscovered country of 2011, we wanted to say a special thanks to the fans and followers of BabbleOn 5. Without your faithfulness, visits, and comments, B5 would have would have gone kaput faster than the Klingon moon Praxis. Starting officially in May 2009, we are just now eclipsing a year and half mark. So to all of our ‘stock holders’, here are our stats for 2010:

  • We had over 170,000 visitors in 2010
  • Almost 300 posts
  • Almost 700 pics averaging posting 2 pics a day
  • Our busiest day was July 20th, the day before Comic Con with 2,244 visitors
  • On Dec 20th, our post for TRON Legacy was featured on the front page of WordPress.com and ended with over 60 comments!
  • Our top 5 posts were related to Splice, Avatar, Ponyo, Toy Story 3, and TRON
  • We added two new Babblers, Bear and Billy
  • Our Twitter account @BabbleOn5  picked up about 500 more followers
  • We just partnered up with Girls Are Geeks for some future projects.
  • In August, we were invited to attend the First Annual Geek Awards in LA.
  • Our Babblers attended the San Diego Comic Con as official press for the first time.

We are so grateful for you all and we are committed to bringing you more nerdy, creative, and compelling content for 2011! So our latest is…

Our 2010 Year in Review podcast (in 3-D!) is now up. Come join us for this 35 minute discussion about the highs, lows, favorites, and failings of this past year. We also add favorite movie contributions from our Twitter followers. The cast concludes with what nerdy films we are looking forward to in 2011. To listen to the cast, follow this link.



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10 responses to “2010 Year in Review

  1. Congratulations to you! Hope 2011 is an even more successful year for you! Babble on,
    Babbelon 5!

  2. Julie

    You guys are awesome! I’m looking forward to all your 2011 babbles!

  3. Jaime

    I’m glad I found you guys this year! I don’t get a chance to go to comic-con every year but I get to go to Wonder con and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on comic-con this year. also I like hearing your thoughts on movies as well. I also agree with most of what you guys think with the movies that have come out this year. Looking forward to 2011 and what the year may hold!

    • Tony

      Jaime, thanks so much for your words of encouragment! Our hope is that the random stuff we babble about connects to someone out on the grid. Thanks for faithfully following and I hope you can make it out to SDCC someday- it is TOTALLY worth it. Thanks and babble on!

  4. Jaime

    ya i went in 2008 it was a ton of fun!

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