What geeky girls should know about geeky guys…

We really learned a lot from the list the Girls Are Geeks sent over about what us guys need to know about geeky girls. So in response, we sent over our own list of Top Five things that geek girls should know about geek guys. There was a bit of heated debated over the finer points of our list, check out the comments on their post. Here is our list, geeks let us know what you think!

Top 5 things geeky girls should know about geeky guys:

  1. We tend to be very insecure and compare ourselves to other guys a lot. Most of us were probably picked on or made fun of in some way or another in junior high and we hate being compared to other guys, especially guys like Nathan Fillion. Since most of us lived as misfits, on our worst days we are passive aggressive with entitlement issues. On our best days, we are brilliant! Also, If all we talk about is nerdy stuff, it is mainly because we don’t know how to interact well with the opposite gender.
  2. Just because we have geek girls we are friends with doesn’t mean we want to do EVERYTHING geeky with you. Guys bond over doing stuff together and guys need guy time to do that. Don’t be offended if we don’t invite you to everything. This insight is brought to you by an unfortunate incident involving a geek friend and his geek girlfriend’s desire to play a role playing game with us (that was messy).
  3. While we love our all night movie marathons and game nights, we don’t mind trying new things. Sometimes we just need to be gently nudged to venture out into new horizons. Remember, we may be a little inexperienced but we are also fast learners and quickly catch on. We might not know much about wines, but give us a week and we’ll be experts (thanks to Google!).
  4. If it can be said as a movie quote, it’s infinitely more effective. Calling us ‘scruffy looking, nerf-herders’ gets our attention without hurting our delicate feelings. Nerd quotes and references is our love language. It’s funny and affirming of our existence all at the same time!
  5. It’s not that we don’t care about our appearance, it’s that we forget to do anything about it on occasion. As a double standard, while we don’t like to shed our favorite pop culture t’s, we do like it when you get ‘girled’ up at times. It’s because we don’t want to always feel like we are hanging with other dudes. We know this is a double standard but it’s reality — and yes, two thumbs up for the Princess Leia Slave Girl costume!


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4 responses to “What geeky girls should know about geeky guys…

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  2. Hazza

    Despite what you say in Point 2, I think I would still feel excluded if not invited to things that others were. I wish I could feel otherwise but I don’t think this reation would be voluntary.

    • Jeff

      Thanks for reading! Somehow this point got grossly misunderstood. Geek Guys and Geek Girls should most things together, we just meant that sometimes it’s okay if they don’t. Because sometimes girls need time with just girls and guys need time with just guys was all.

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