Top 5 shows of 2010 worth Babbling about…

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but if you are TV geeks like us Babblers, it’s almost equally as dreadful. Don’t get us wrong, we love all the eggnog and little baby Jesus, but after weeks of being deprived new episodes of our favorite series is enough to go ‘Dexter’ on someone. Well the wait is almost over and in preparation for the Spring line up, the Babblers wanted to list our top 5 shows of 2010. So here they are in no particular order:

1. 30 Rock (NBC)

BabbleOn has been a long time fan of the ‘SNL’ parody 30 Rock. Besides all of us being Tina Fey geeks, the witty dialogue and zany characters make this show hilarious and surreal.

2. Breaking Bad (AMC)

Probably the least known on our list, Breaking Bad is an award-winning series about chemistry teacher in New Mexico who has lung cancer and is selling drugs in order to financially support his loved ones. Yea, it’s a family show. Don’t miss it!

3. The Walking Dead (AMC)

As the biggest newcomer of 2010, The Walking Dead is the first legitimate horror/drama to come out in years. With a solid premise and top-notch production value, the dead is sure to stay walking for some time. It’s only 6 episodes in so hop on while it’s still new.

4. Dexter (Showtime)

As the center piece of Showtime’s ‘anti-hero’ movement, Dexter is as unconventional as it gets. Dexter is both villain and hero which blurs the lines between morality and justice. You have definitely not seen a show this brilliant before.

5. Community (NBC)

Community is the best comedy that no one is watching. This simple show about life in a community college is so self-aware of its own ridiculousness that it’s almost meta. It’s only in 2nd season so don’t miss it this Spring!

There are a few more honorable mentions like Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Fringe, and Big Bang Theory. Let us know what TV shows you are babbling about!

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11 responses to “Top 5 shows of 2010 worth Babbling about…

  1. Jeffra

    Wow, 30 Rock is a fan of the Babblers? Pretty impressive. ;D
    Hmmm, sad but true, I do not watch any of the listed top 5. At least I watch some of the honorable mentions.

    • Tony

      Oops, that might have been a Freudian slip. But I am sure NBC is huge fans of BabbleOn 5. You gotta check these shows out! Which current shows are your favorite then?

      • Jeffra

        Hmmm, that is a tough questions.
        I do think Castle is one of my top shows. It is a very ridiculous show, but at the same time quite entertaining. That Nathan Fillion, he knows how to charm the socks off a, well anything.
        Burn Notice, definitely. Probably my top top top favorite show. It is beyond awesome. I have a hard time finding fault with the show in fact.
        I have recently been enjoying Fringe.
        A new show I caught into & worth mentioning: Raising Hope (sort of reminds me of Malcolm in the Middle). Outsourced is also quite amusing.
        Merlin is another excellent show. I think it is exactly what it is meant to be. The creators came up with the idea from Smallville (another one I watch, esp. as this is the last season). Thus it is the pre-story for Merlin and Arthur. The two actor leads are another fine example of the recent craze of bromances.
        Speaking of bromances also brings up Pysch. A fun silly show that occasionally gets quite serious. The fast paced humor and constant 80s references keeps me from ever getting bored. And I find that I can re-watch episodes 3-4 times and still find something new to laugh at.
        Well, that’s my list and I’m sure have forgotten something. (Honorable mentions could go to Eureka, Legend of the Seeker, and Glee).

      • Tony

        Thanks for your top 5. Sadly I don’t watch any of these but heard great things about each. I am interested in seeing Castle soon. Thanks for commenting!

      • Jeffra

        Ack, I just realized that I forgot The Big Bang Theory, a show about geeks!!!! Awesome and always good for a laugh. I love Sheldon’s shirts. I wish I had most of them.

      • Tony

        You know you are a geek when you covet the nerd shirt worn by a nerd on a show!

  2. Yeah I figure not giving Modern Family a shout out would earn some frowns.

  3. I agree with everything on here except for walking dead. That show totally lost steam by the 3rd episode. Long going argument on this with Jeff on this point, but it’s one show I won’t be watching next season.

    What about Louie, The League, and Ugly Americans for honorable mentions too?

    • Jeff

      Hey Andy Pants…for the record, from a “critical” standpoint I agree with you, Walking Dead was inconsistant and at times so-so and probably isn’t a top 5. Just as a fan/nerd I enjoyed it and therefore worthy of Top 5.

  4. Julie

    Sad to say, I don’t watch any of those either. I am most excited about Doctor Who and Castle.

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