Top Ten Nerd Years Resolutions.


So another year has come and gone and if you are anything like the typical nerd, not much has changed except for your Warlocks level in World of Warcraft (ding!), so to help you along I have compiled this list of potential

Top Ten Nerd Years Resolutions.

10. Put that CCG knowledge to use and switch to Poker. You can at least win money and it’s cool.

9. Move out of your Mother’s house.

8. Shave your neck hair.

7. At least once a week, go outside.

6. Buy at least one shirt that isn’t black silk screened with anime chicks or super hero’s on it.

4. Successfully buy a ticket for Comic-con.

3. Invest your money into the stock market or mutual funds or anything other then “collectible” action figures.

2. Nothing levels up your strength and constitution like hitting the gym.

1. Go on a date this year. Just one, this will single handedly double the amount that you went on the year before. It has been pointed out to me by my fellow nerds that you can’t double a zero…please, don’t bother my with such trivial nonsense like math and logic, I live in the realm of fantasy.





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3 responses to “Top Ten Nerd Years Resolutions.

  1. Julie

    I’ll start working on #4, followed by #8. Forget about #2 – I don’t go to the gym, I’m just naturally like this!

  2. Nor should you! #2 is CLEARLY for other people.

  3. Julie

    On second thought, I might need to work on #6 – I do have a lot of black t-shirts with movie/tv logos or pictures of Edward or Jareth.

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