CHUCK season 4 continues tonight!

While this is not a screencap from tonight’s episode, it’s a great visual of what makes NBC’s CHUCK so great. The formula: Chicks + Guns x Attitude = Awesomeness! Tonight episode: “Chuck vs. The Balcony” On assignment at a French vineyard, Chuck juggles tracking down a nano-chip with trying to create the perfect romantic moment to propose to Sarah.

CHUCK is on Monday nights 8/7 C on NBC



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2 responses to “CHUCK season 4 continues tonight!

  1. Julie

    Great episode last night! I laughed out loud several times (mostly at Morgan and Lester). I’m not sure how I feel about the ending, but I understand they had to do that because it wouldn’t be Chuck without some sort of crisis keeping Chuck and Sarah from being together and happy. But overall I thought it was a great episode to kick off this second half of the season.

    • Tony

      I agree! I have felt that the first part of season four was a little bit absurd and was starting to lose it’s way a bit. But last night’s episode felt more grounded and got back to the heart of the show. It built the tension really well and kept you laughing with some fun moments. I honestly didn’t see the end coming but I guess it’s not a surpise. They have to keep stringing us on for as long as they can. I hope the proposal is epic when it finally comes. Thanks!

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