NBC’s The Cape

NBC attempts to tap into the nerd culture once again by launching a new superhero series called The Cape. It’s about police officer Vince Faraday that is framed for a crime he didn’t commit (of course). On the run, he encounters circus performers that teach him the art of illusion and outfit him with some mystical gear in exchange for a bunch of crimes he helps commit. After a typical montage, he becomes a superhero in about 5 mins and can now fight crime with a cape that he can manipulate like a whip/lasso. He is joined by Summer Glau as Orwell, the tech savy and all-knowing operator.

Overall, this new series is ridiculous. It’s not creative nor ambitious and pretty much steals from many comic book stories that have come before. The costume is uninspired, his ‘powers’ are cheesy, and the whole tone of the show it lame. The story  telegraphs exactly where its going from the very start and capitalizes on every cliché from the superhero genre. To make matters worst, the 2 hour pilot felt about 1 1/2 too long. At least Heroes took a couple of seasons to get bad. The Cape took about 4 minutes.

The lead David Lyons is TV’s bland and boring version of Daniel Craig (James Bond). He is equally uninteresting as The Cape or in his civilian alter ego. If you want to ensure a TV show gets cancelled, add Summer Glau. She is the kiss of death of anything good or bad. I never understood her appeal from Firefly, to the Sarah Conner Chronicles, or to this.    

I like NBC because they seem interested in nerd culture. With past shows like Heroes or current ones like Chuck, at least they are trying to give us fans something to watch. But NBC, please don’t insult our intelligence. Take some risks and try to create something new and original instead of this rehashed mess. I really don’t understand how something so mediocre get’s the green light and actually makes it to the airwaves. It’s one of many questions I will ask God when I get to Heaven. Until then, I will be avoiding The Cape and will be removing it from my DVR list. NBC, please hang up The Cape and quit making us nerds look so bad.

I give this a half Babble out of 5.



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12 responses to “NBC’s The Cape

  1. Regrix


    If you want to ensure a TV show gets cancelled, add Summer Glau. She is the kiss of death of anything good or bad. I never understood her appeal from Firefly, to the Sarah Conner Chronicles, or to this.

    You sir, are an idiot.

    Let me give you an education, it’s clear you need it. The cancellation of Firefly and The Sarah Connor Chronicles (and Dollhouse for that matter) is not Summer’s fault, rather it’s that all those great shows were on FOX, also known as Satan’s Network. They did nothing to support ANY of those shows. From the get go they showed Firefly out of order, shifted it’s nights around without notice, pulled it from one week, then put it on a different night two weeks later… of course it’s ratings were gonna tank.

    Terminator and Dollhouse were both victims of the Writer’s Strike…

    So, let us NOT go blaming her for something she was a victim OF as opposed to the cause, anyone with at least two brain cells to rub together knows it was FOX that was the curse, not ANY of the casts.

    As for your take on THE CAPE… I can clearly see that you think you’re some high brained, tasteful individual, I must ask you when you travel somewhere, does your ego have to take a separate plane? Typically poseurs like yourself are all talk no substance, and it remains so here…

    Of course you couldn’t understand the appeal of any of Summer’s works (and the works themselves for that matter) as it takes someone with wit and intelligence to be able to grasp it… such is so with the Cape too… In some ways it hearkens back to the days of “The Shadow” and also has hints of the more recent Batman movies. A Detective/Cop actually bothering to do his research in order to beat a villain such as when he went against Cain in the second episode of the premiere, Cain used poisons to kill so Vince made himself immune by dosing himself until he built up a tolerance to them… in lieu of super powers he’s got carnival and magic tricks including hypnosis (much in the same vein as the classic The Shadow radio series.)

    You’d do yourself and those that come across this site a massive favor by sticking to something that is probably more your speed… like Barney.

    and incidentally… there’s only one l in Canceled.


    • Tony

      Ha ha, you should tell us how you really feel. Just for the record, I am a fan of Firefly, Sarah Conners, Doll House, etc.. but not a fan of Summer Glau. She has been the weakest part of any show she has been a part of. Even her cameo in Chuck was pretty lame. Not blaming her for the cancellation of those shows, just pointing out that she is probably the angel of death and any new show would be smart to avoid her.

      Seeing how The Cape plummeted in ratings from the premiere to 1.8 in the demo, it probably won’t be around to defend itself in six weeks or so (even without a writers strike). I have never claimed to be professional critics, just a fan. So this idiotic fan says The Cape sucks in epic ways.

      Technically, ‘cancelled’ whille in the US is speled with one, it’s also spellled with two in other parts of the world. Either is cullturaly accepted. Oh, and in regards to my ego, thanks to Southwest, my ego flies free! It’s pretty awesome.

      Although we don’t agree, thanks for visiting and commenting!

    • Heather L. Trotter

      You make a great argument. However, waaaaay too personal! So personal that one would think ya’ll are related. Hated that your comment couldn’t have been said without the insults. Uncalled for. There’s a way to passionately convey your opinion with degrading or insulting someone you’ll probably never meet.

      In other news, I was very disappointed that The Chronicles was cancelled…but I saw it coming. The Capes previews just looked too cheesy for me to even consider watching it. Maybe next time NBC…


    • Quote:

      “As for your take on THE CAPE… I can clearly see that you think you’re some high brained, tasteful individual, I must ask you when you travel somewhere, does your ego have to take a separate plane? Typically poseurs like yourself are all talk no substance, and it remains so here…” = Poser!

      I see a lot of talk by Regrix, but little substance…

  2. chthonian

    I agree with Heather. A bit too personal?! It makes me wonder if Regrix might in fact be Summer Glau herself? or perhaps someone heavily invested into The Cape.

    I myself haven’t seen The Cape so I can’t comment on it. However, with such low ratings as Tony mentions, I guess I’m not the only one who hasn’t seen it, and with its inevitable cancellllllllllation I won’t need to comment on it.

    I liked Summer on the Terminator Chronicles. Maybe being a “robot” suits her acting/emotional range? I’ll give her a second and a third and a fourth chance, just b/c I have a crush on her.

    I disagree with Regrix that it’s not Summer’s fault for show cancel(l)ations. To a certain extent it is. Actors play an important part in a show’s success or failure. But Tony, I also disagree with you because she is not the angel of death. The true angel of death is Joss Whedon.

    Firefly and Dollhouse ultimately failed because Joss couldn’t bring back the magic of the Buffy/Angel series (my favourite shows EVER). He had a good thing going back in the 90’s. But times have changed since then and aside from changing the premise of his new shows, his writing/directing/control of the shows has not.

    The other day, my dad told me that if I use my cell phone too close to the internet router, the internet would get slow. My dad and Joss Whedon – no longer aware of current society or pop culture.

    I know I’ve gone on a tangent, but let me just say that I LOVE that you got such a negative comment hurled at you. It makes reading so much more fun when you know there’s going to be drama. Who needs soap opera’s, forums are all I need =)

    • Tony

      Thanks for your insightful comment. I have found fans love or hate Summer. So I can’t argue with you about that but I just don’t think she offers much. Perhaps there is room for multiple Angels of Death??? Maybe a ‘Legion of Death’? Agreed that Joss’ best years are behind him now and is in deserate need to create a strong product (although I loved Dr Horrible). That is the high price of early success. Lets hope that the Avengers puts him back on top. We need a new pop culture hit in the likes of Buffy or Firefly.

      Our hope on BabbleOn 5 is to illicit strong opinions. We don’t want to just ‘approve’ positive comments but invite others to challenge our ideas. Getting consensus is BORING! What makes the nerd community so dynamic is the diversity in beliefs and values. Although, I can’t condone calling someone names just because you don’t agree. That person would be an idiot 🙂 ha ha. Just kidding.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. Julie

    yikes! so much negative emotion makes me want to shy away from commenting, but I’m glad to see that generally people can disagree with this review or the comments without having to go on the attack.

    I don’t love OR hate Summer Glau, I think I just feel positive towards her because I’ve loved the shows I’ve seen her in (Firefly and Dollhouse). And yes, while I love everything Joss Whedon does, I guess the fact his shows tend to be cancelled means something. I loved Dollhouse and could never figure out what went wrong there (though I don’t think it was Summer Glau’s fault, Tony).

    Anyway, I appreciate that you can deal with such insulting comments with grace and humor. Thanks for the review, now I know not to watch The Cape. It’s nice of you to sit thru the sucky shows so we don’t have to.

  4. Ken

    Disclaimer: The following views may create a sudden urge to call me a moron.

    I have to agree with Tony. The Cape is epic suckage. Oddly though, my wife and daughter disagree. They like it. So I will probably end up catching bits and pieces of the next couple episodes … after which, I expect it will be “cancelled”.

    Earlier this afternoon I agreed with Tony (Via Twitter) regarding this post, and was quickly branded a moron by a suspected Summer-fan-boy. Yeah, I agree, Summer is beautiful, but she’s not a great actress. She’s heavy-handed and inconsistent, and the latter gives credence to her portrayal of a very unconvincing terminator. Now, those are my views … you know, an idea, ideal, thought, concept, or preference that comes from my brain. We’re all created as individuals and with that comes individual choice, and preference … If that was not the case, we’d probably all LOVE Howard the Duck!

    Many thanks to Tony and team for the time and care put into this great resource!

    • Tony

      Thanks Ken. I think the main problem with The Cape is that it was presented as ‘Superhero 101’ complete with all the rudamentary stereotypes and cliches. For those new to the genre it probably didn’t bother them as much. For us fans it was a step back. This felt like it should have come out 10 years ago with how it handled the material.

      Yea, I don’t understand why anyone would get so offended if a particular actress/actor gets heavily criticized. That’s what happens when you create art for the world to see. You hit the stage or screen and you are fair game. I’m sure Ms Glau is a fine gal, I just don’t care for her acting much. Now if anyone made a crack at Yvonne Strahovsky, I would have to karate chop them on the head… (oh dang, I guess our mutual friend will be calling me a moron or hypocrite again).

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Zenos92

    i dont think its summer glau …. what we fail to see is that the show doesnt cut it for comic book readers like myself…. In a nutshell the cape is a failed attempt to create something original… and is it me or do you feel that they are trying too hard with this story? Its tacky and has huge plot holes…

    • Tony

      Your right, it’s not Glau but she’s an easy target since everyone else are no namers. Failed attempt indeed and super tacky. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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