EUReKa review

A review by guest Babbler Whitney Sanderlin:

EUReKA, the first 3 seasons:

I know some of you have very low opinions of movies produced by the Syfy Channel but did you know they also do t.v. series?  Yes, they do!  And I’m so glad you’re here reading this review of EUReKA so that you can find out more about this aspect of the wonderful world of television.  Honestly, the first time this show popped up on my Netflix suggestions all I could think of was vacuum cleaners. I’m not sure what that says about me but I didn’t watch this show until I ran out of everything else I wanted to watch. 

The show had me at the first episode.

The premise is a US Marshal of semi-average intelligence named Jack Carter, manages to wreak his car near a scientific community which has almost magical qualities.  Marshal Carter helps to solve a crime and then gets asked back on a permanent basis to be Sheriff of this small town.  You can imagine the possibility of chaos and disaster when people do ordinary things … you know, the idea that Murphy’s Law is alive and well and working against you.  Well, when really, really smart people are doing things that are NOT ordinary or normal, the possibility for chaos increases exponentially, apparently. So you insert this Sheriff Carter who is definitely not as smart as everyone else but he sees things more practically and is able, because he’s not wrapped up in formulas and theories, to see things from a different perspective.  Plus, he’s fearless and manages to make up for multitude of smarts.

The first season introduces the cast of characters, including the company where most of the geniuses work, Global Dynamics.  The season ends on a cliff-hanger that plays off the budding romance between Dr. Allison Blake and Sheriff Carter.  EUReKA has a bit of a time-problem (as in temporal shift) in the first season and the second season moves away from the romance between Dr. Blake and the Sheriff and starts a new plot and romance between Dr. Blake and her ex-husband.  The third season continues the story-line from Season 2 and is centered around the new corporate fixer for Global Dynamics and her ulterior motives and secretive secrets.  Mid-way through the season, EUReKA has another time-problem and the while the story does not shift, the show loses a major character.  Apparently the fourth season starts off with another time-alteration and the story shifts again.  I haven’t watched the 4th season yet. 

Pros:  The premise is a great idea.  It’s as plausible as a magical town in the Pacific Northwest which is full of geniuses who don’t always think of the consequences of their actions.  Sheriff Carter is always the dumbest person in the room and almost always the person who gets to save the day … or at least help.  I’m not bored at all and frequently, I laugh.  How often does a science-fiction based t.v. series do that?  (Besides “Big Bang Theory” that is)

Cons:  The use of the temporal shift hasn’t gotten old YET but it will.  It manages to feel natural for now but it seems almost lazy use of a plot device to re-invent a show just because you’re dealing with geniuses who know how to alter time.  I’m a romantic sci-fi person and I want to see Sheriff Carter and Dr. Blake get together at some point (if they do in Season 4, don’t tell me!). Also, the use of Sheriff Carter to play the idiot all the time is a little tongue-in-cheek because, hello, he solves a lot of their problems.  It seems silly to keep playing stupid when it’s obvious he very much is NOT stupid. 

I enjoy this show.  I am looking forward to Season 4 and many happy returns.

I give it 4 Babbles out of 5.

Thanks Whitney for another great review!



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2 responses to “EUReKa review

  1. Jeffra

    Just wanted to let you know that I agree with all your thoughts on Eureka. I love it, too! But the temporal shifts are a bit tough to handle. I also very much miss Nathan Stark (I really like Ed Quinn and was sorry to see him go).

    I also think it would be good if the show acknowledged Carter’s intelligence as in there are many kinds of intelligence out there besides the most commonly accepted academic type.

    Thanks for posting on Eureka!

    • I miss the interaction between Nathan Stark and Carter too … but at the same time I felt like him being on the show just got in the way of Carter and Allison’s (future?) romance. Anyway, I agree, his character and acting are sorely missed. Thanks for commenting!

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