The Girls are Geeks’ Top 5 Movie Heroes

From the desk of our favorite girly nerds- the Girls Are Geeks…

So, in response to the gentlemen of BabbleOn 5 with their top 5 movie heroines, the girls of Girls Are Geeks have created a list of our favorite movie heroes. In putting this list together, it was discovered that girls have vastly different ideas of who their heroes are, but still, this seems to a be at least an interesting list! Here they are in no particular order:

Holy hero-with-a-utility-belt Batman! He’s been through many incarnations to be sure, although the most recent portrayal by the gorgeous and talented Christian Bale is definitely a favorite. We love Batman because he made himself into a superhero. He didn’t come upon random superpowers, he worked hard to become Batman. Batman uses his strength and his intelligence to foil the bad guys, and brains are something geeky girls always find sexy.

Robin Hood
Another hero with a multitude of portrayals (though Rosalind’s favorite will always be Cary Elwes Man in Tights!), including one incredible singing fox (guest writer A. Cetogen’s favorite!). Robin Hood works to help those who need it most, but he isn’t afraid to use his wit as well as his sword and arrows in the process. The best Robin Hoods are one part swashbuckler, one part cocky comedian, and one part ready to die for Marion, but never too afraid to let her join in the fight.

There’s almost nothing like a good reluctant hero who does what he has to do because it is the right thing. Hamlet sees what has gone wrong and tries to fix it. Sure, he’s not perfect, and he makes mistakes in the process, but it’s hard to fall for a hero who gets it all right on the first try. Hamlet is also the basis for other heroes that we love including Simba in the Lion King and Jax from Sons of Anarchy (although that’s another whole category). Also, if you haven’t seen David Tennant in the most recent incarnation of this role, wow! Fix that problem.


Maybe it’s the fact that he’s yet another reluctant hero. Maybe it’s his incredible tracking skills. Maybe it’s the fact that Viggo Mortensen commands every scene he’s in (and he’s just breathtaking to watch). Aragorn doesn’t want power or fortune or fame even though he’s entitled to all of it. He just wants the best for the people of his kingdom. He finally gives in to the Return when he realizes that the best thing for his kingdom is his rule.

Han Solo

Okay, maybe it seems a little obvious to have the Han to the guys Leia, but seriously, he’s the perfect hero, or is that anti-hero? Han always seemed to be just out for himself, but when it comes down to it, he’s there on the right side of the fight. He cares about his friends, he would never leave someone behind, and he can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Following our favorite trend: he’s not perfect, actually, he deserved to be called a nerfherder and he is scruffy (he just didn’t realize at the time that scruffy is sexy). He also isn’t afraid of getting in Princess Leia’s face. It has to be said, although we may pout and fuss sometimes, we want a man who isn’t always going to let us win. If you need a hero to get your back and kick some a$$ and look good doing it, Han Solo is our pick.

There you have it. Our heroes probably fall more on the atypical side of what one might think of as a hero, but that’s the way us geeky girls like our men: imperfect but willing to work like hell to make up for that. Thanks for letting us swoon for a few minutes here and hope you enjoyed our list!

Special thanks to the Girls Are Geeks! Let us know if you agree with these picks.



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7 responses to “The Girls are Geeks’ Top 5 Movie Heroes

  1. Julie

    Good choices! I especially agree with your picks of Aragorn and Robin Hood. I didn’t even think of Robin Hood, but duh, it’s so obvious now that you mention it. (I watched that animated version over and over growing up, so maybe that’s where it all started for me).
    I have to add my two cents and say Malcom Reynolds would definitely be on my list. Depsite that cold, hard-hearted image he tries to put up, he has a heart of gold. He cares about his crew, and always does the right thing (even if it means losing money and making bad enemies). He’s willing to help the weak and persecuted even if it means putting himself at risk. He prefers a gun fight, but still looks good on the ballroom floor.
    Thanks for sharing your list, I’ll have to check out Hamlet!

    • Glad you like! We … might … be saving Mal for another time … just sayin’!

      Girls Are Geeks

      • Julie

        oh that is good to know!

      • Nice list. Ironically enough, not terribly different from the list we gave you in the sense that all the women on our list had no real super powers and were resilant, clever and self made more or less. With the exception of Trinity, who had powers while within the Matrix.

        Glad LOTR got some love. We talked about Arwen, and I love Eowyn the most, but they just weren’t in the movies as much as the ones we ended up picking.

    • Tony

      Well we are suppose to do our top 5 TV heroes, I have a sneaky suspicion that he will make it on that list. Malcolm again…oh boy…

  2. There’s a song in this list somewhere, however, I’m a guy, so it would be wrong of me to sing it. Unless….

    My first impression of this list is that these iconic heroes all have several things in common, and it is the differences that you’ve hi-lighted above that are relevant. I also want to be there when you swoon, so that I may catch you 😉

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