the room

This movie is terrible… just as we expected. And we loved it! It’s being shown at midnight in various places and has all of the audience participation to make it a great “Rocky Horror Picture Show” alternative. So it’s getting a good cult following as put forth in this EW article. Though there is some question as to the horribleness being intentional or not…

Wiseau insists he always intended The Room to be partly comedic, and that the movie’s perceived faults — including the out-of-focus scenes — are deliberate. ”Let’s assume we did everything perfect way,” he hypothesizes. ”You will be asking this question? No, no.” However, another anonymous cast member has no doubt that Wiseau is merely making the best of an extremely bad job: ”I don’t have anything to say about Tommy as a person. He is a nice guy. But he is full of s—. He was trying to put together a drama. It was basically his stage to show off his acting ability.”

I believe it was not intentional – if it was, the the guy is a genius which is just as hard to believe.

So how do you enjoy it? How can it be fun to watch at home? Well, Netflix has it so get that. While you wait for it to arrive in the mail, get the Rifftrax for it. Brought to you by the great minds behind MST3K w/ all the awesome wit and punch!

WARNING: There are some ‘love’ scenes w/nudity and are just plain painful to watch.

The movie gets 1 Babble

But the fun/Rifftrax gets 5 Babbles


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