Zombie Reality TV Show Revealed!

From Zombieland, to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and The Walking Dead, it would appear that just like skinny jeans, zombies are all the rage. But have these poor, undead, victims of post necrotic animation been given a fair shake in societies eyes? Of course not! They constantly get their heads cut off by chainsaws and swords, their guts blown out by shotguns and their bodies’ burned or thrown off buildings without anyone even giving them a chance! (Like when the hot girl shoots down the nerdy guy before she gets to know him- ahem.)
That being said, there are several new reality TV shows coming out this spring that display the lives of zombies in a more honest and open manner. Ironically enough, if you watch enough reality TV, you risk becoming a zombie yourself. Here are a few of the new shows.
Are You Smarter then a Zombie? – This show, airing on Fox and hosted by Rob Zombie, places a panel of zombies versus one human in a trivia challenge to find out who really does have the most brainnnsss.

The Undeadlist Catch – Zombie fishers off the coast of Alaska risk their un-lives to haul in the mighty Alaskan King Crab. In the most riveting of TV drama the crew of the fishing vessel Big Valley, who drowned in the first season when their ship capsized, now return to continue their life long trade.

The Real Zombies of Orange County – Not all zombies are tattered, torn and in shambles. Watch these metrosexual zombies as they get manicures, massages, rotting skin buffed off and drink Zombie cocktails at the country club, all the while mingling with southern California’s elite and seeing if plastic surgery makes you less human then a zombie.

 16 and Zombie – After the success of 16 and Pregnant, MTV ventures into the world of teen zombies and the hardships they face on a daily basis. School bullies, peer pressure, dating, brain eating disorders, clothing and hygiene issues are all discussed with candid honesty as we learn the many challenges that zombie youths must face on a daily basis.

Survivor, Zombie Apocalypse – In a desperate ratings grab for it’s own survival, Survivor Zombie Apocalypse is the only show that pits zombies in their traditional roll of bad guys. A band of humans are dropped into a zombie filled post apocalyptic city and forced to fight for their survival. As they compete for such necessities as katana’s, chainsaws, food, basic medical gear and even the all powerful shotgun, they must learn to work together if they want to survive.

Well that is a look at the upcoming new reality TV shows this spring. Rest assured us Babblers will be closely watching these shows, and so should you! After all, zombies are former people too.



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2 responses to “Zombie Reality TV Show Revealed!

  1. Cathy G

    How have I never heard of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?!

    • This is a good question that I can’t answer. Check out the bookstores or search online. It’s everywhere and they are planning a movie, also some other zombie novels if I am not mistaken. I assume you are a zombie affecionado?

      Thanks for reading!

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