X-men: First Class Trailer #1




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7 responses to “X-men: First Class Trailer #1

  1. Chris

    Hey, this is Chris from Comic Con! haha you gave me the babble5 card when we were waiting for the Scott Pilgrim experience. Your actually at like :12 seconds in the video from comic con: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXNgsxXAn6s. Good times; sadly I broke my SP braclet by accident when I bought the sixth book 😦 haha I’m going to have to tape it back together.

    Anyway, I cannot wait for X-Men: First Class. I was skeptical at first especially with the first photo of the group, but with the other photos and this fantastic trailer I am really getting the feeling this is going to be awesome. The story looks rich and the CGI seems way better than the horrible Origins. I think they are heading in the right direction for this series.

    It might just be the trailer talking though, but it looks brilliant!

  2. hippiesnotdead

    Looks good! Solid cast! Its gonna be a good watch. Without “fan boy”ing it all up either. Hopefully a solid adaptation!

  3. Johnny

    @chris wassup mang!? good to hear from yah. this is gonna be a good year for comic con.
    @hippiesnotdead i’m still a little skeptical despite the awesome cast and director behind it all. i was hoping for a reboot but it more or less looks the same. especially since they sliced some old footage into the trailer.

  4. @chris wassup mang!? good to hear from yah. this is gonna be a good year for comic con.

    Haha I’m so skeptical because of all the Twilight crap that is going to happen with Breaking Dawn in November. All the fangirls hogging up Hall H, but I cannot wait! Last year was so surprising with SP; I’m more than positive there will be something.

  5. From the trailer it looks really good! I just hope they don’t sacrafice the storyline with an overload of special effects!

  6. Johnny

    actually, quite the opposite. the production is way over schedule and they are rushing down to the wire. it looks like the execs at fox want to crank it out as soon as possible.

  7. Great Post!! Thank you very much!

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