Community Dungeons and Dragons Episode

Recently, an episode of the meta-comedy Community focused on the classic role playing game- Dungeons and Dragons. This has to be the first time D & D has ever been featured on any TV show in the history of Middle Earth! If you are an old RPG nerd like the Babblers are, you have got to watch this full episode below. You don’t even have to follow the show to enjoy this one:  



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2 responses to “Community Dungeons and Dragons Episode

  1. @_SContreras_

    The great thing about Community is that you don’t really have to follow the show at all for their themed episodes. I deffinitely recommend everyone check out the “Modern Warfare” episode. That episode is the best nerd tribute community has made.
    I don’t know what more they can do in order to broaden their target audience since it really is a little bit of everything. But when they do it is destined to be cindicated.

    • Tony

      Yes! The Modern Warfare episode is what got me into Community in the first place! Normally, I don’t love the episodic formula but it really works for this show. The pop culture and nerd references are so smartly written- and because of it, the target audience will be narrow. Hope it makes it to syndication. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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