I wanted to see this movie, but wasn’t sure if it was an interesting, creepy story or another “Blair Witch.” It’s neither.

It starts by introducing you to Yaniv Schulman. He’s a photographer in New York who had a picture published and a little girl sent him a painting of it from Michigan. Yaniv’s brother and a friend decide to start documenting the relationship with video. Over time, Yaniv gets many more paintings and develops a friendship w/ the girl, her mom and big sister.

Yaniv and the older sister, Megan, form a relationship via email, facebook, phone, etc. but it becomes difficult when they try to meet face to face.


During a trip, Megan sends Yaniv several cover songs she says she recorded but in looking for the origin of the songs, he finds the exact same recording online. DA-DA-DAAAAAHN!

Yaniv, his brother and their friend decide to drive out and surprise them w/ a visit to finally meet everyone in person.

As soon as they get there, things don’t seem right. However, it’s not the creepy “someone’s getting killed Deliverance style” that the trailer leads you to believe. That part of the movie isn’t really anything and lasts a couple minutes… nothing happens there.

The people don’t look like their pictures, the little girls doesn’t seem to really paint… what’s going on!?!?!

Well, they soon figure out that the mom is really behind it all. She’s constructed a fantasy world complete w/ people, their facebook accounts (which is great for a history so she cd keep it all straight), separate phones, etc. Slowly the truth comes out and it’s really just an escape of a fairly sad life that’s gone too far.

It’s a very interesting view into life and I wonder if this type of thing happens more often than we think – it’s just they happened to be videoing this time.

I hope from this movie some people can realize people are only human, we all need things that keep us sane, give us meaning, companionship, a break from stresses of life, etc. But also that we can’t let things go too far – this story ended fairly well, but it hurt some people and could have been really damaging.

I think they did a good job making the film and handled the situation pretty maturely. I have to wonder how Vince and other people semi-related to the film (the real people in the pictures used on facebook, etc.) handled the end result.

In the end, it’s an interesting look at life and some specific lives and the dangers of letting things get out of hand.

3 of 5 Babbles


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