3D Movies

I’m becoming less and less a fan of the new 3D movie flood. The first one I saw was Avatar and I really liked it. I think the next one was “Despicable Me” which was pretty cool too. After that, I don’t remember too many.

What made me start to dislike them was when I took my family to see one and got his with $3/person b/c unfortunately that showing was in 3D.

The last one was “Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” Again, an unfortunate showtime meant 3D. About halfway into the movie I remembered “Oh, yeah, this in 3D.” But then I noticed that I cdn’t tell if anything was coming out at me. I took the glasses off and the picture was practically in focus.

I felt like it was all a gimmick – let’s put in some obligatory ‘coming atcha’ things in the beginning then we’ll just phone it in and rake in $3. And get them to give us the glasses back too! In the name of ‘recycling’!!!

I feel duped.

Now if I was able to bring in my old glasses and avoid the $3, at least then I wdn’t feel cheated. Isn’t that recycling in an even better way?

So these days we avoid 3D.


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  1. I’ve seen a handful of 3D movies at the cinema. Some work much more than others. Jackass 3D was outrageous and I feel benefited from an extra dimension. However Tron: Legacy, a mediocre film at the best of time did not. I notice no difference at all, with no big 3D set-pieces to speak of. At least with Jackass I had a few flying 3D dildos…

    I do have a 3D TV at home though. I feel sport benefits from 3D a great deal. With football [soccer] and rugby looking great. Sky’s documentaries are brilliant also. 3D really lends itself to programs with unsual settings like the jungle or the ocean. 3D cinema needs to up its game though.

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