Oscar Nods and Frauds…

Oscar Nods: I tend to hate the Oscars, to pretentious and uptight to do anything cool, hip or edgy, yet they still want to put on a good show. It’s the reason Chris Rock never got asked back, he offended their sensibilities. That being said, I was morally bound to watch them, so that YOU do Babblers don’t have to. Here are some thoughts…

– James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted the Oscars this year. Anne was alright, not really funny but graceful and energetic and she at least seemed to enjoy it. James Franco looked stoned the entire time. Talk about an Oscar buzz. Fortunately Anne had a lot more face time then Franco. He had to have a serious case of the munchies and probably left to hit the taco truck parked outside.

– Am I the only one that snickered immaturely every time the Oscar’s said “Winter’s Bone?” – Okay apparently this year’s Oscars came with a stipulation that you must be British in order to win. Seriously, everyone had an accent. (Ok so Christian Bale is not Irish he is Welsh.) They should have started a new category: “Best performance by a person without a foreign accent”

 – I am going to write a screenplay inspired by Collin Firth called “The King’s Acceptance Speech.”

– Anne Hathaway seemed to have a serious crush on Hugh Jackman. I mean she referenced him several time. That being said, who doesn’t have a crush on Hugh?

 – So Natalie Portman managed to survive Star Wars Episode 1-3 and win an Oscar for Best Actress. Then again Dustin Hoffman survived Ishtar, so I guess anything is possible.

– Tron got absolutely no love from the academy. For the most part I agree with this, but they could have gotten a special effects nod and Daft Punk should have won a best soundtrack/score or whatever you want to call it.

"Where Am I?"

– Okay seriously, Kirk Douglas had more life then the music acts. Randy Newman, Celine Dion and even Florence from Florence and the Machine (Normally a very good band) did their very best to bore us to death. The Academy just can’t do anything creative, energetic or fun.

 – Speaking of Kirk Douglas, he ain’t Spartacus anymore. To be honest, I didn’t even know he was still alive. Their were a couple of painful moments watching him speak but as a whole he did well. He was pretty funny and knew how to play up the old man routine. I guess the race is on to see which Douglas passes away first.

Well that’s about it for the Oscar’s this year. I had hoped the girl from True Grit would win Best Supporting Actress but I guess I don’t get to decide these things.




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2 responses to “Oscar Nods and Frauds…

  1. Jeffra

    Christian Bale isn’t Irish!!!! He is from Wales. Thus, he is British.

  2. Jeff

    Touche. So Brittain wins again.

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