Is the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra Lost?

Here is a dilemma I have written about in the past. How do you rate a deliberately bad movie? This was the problem I had with Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. If a movie is supposed to be bad as a joke, and it succeeds, then should it be rated low or rated high for achieving it’s goal. This is a complex question and I currently have a team of 7 scientist, 4 mathematicians, 5 movie critics and 1 super computer trying to figure this out.

I have sort of developed a weird fetish for bad movies. Like one of my all time favorite shows, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 type stuff (Or now Rifftrax.) Stuff I can make jokes about and laugh at how absurd it is. Of course the difference is that THOSE movies weren’t supposed to be bad, they just were. So what about movies that try to be bad?

Enter The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, a cheesy, black and white spoof of cheesy, black and white movies. Take a plot involving a scientist, a smart assed ancient evil with a stupid minion, random mutilations, clueless space aliens and a women made out of miscellaneous small forest animals and you have a recipe for a surprisingly funny movie.

Okay, so it might help if you mix in a little scotch or some other magic elixir, but overall my distinguished colleagues and I found ourselves laughing throughout the movie. Sometimes at our own comments, but more often then not at the humor in the movie itself. My favorite character was the evil skeleton, who treated his minion like crap and had quite a panache for sarcasm.

So to answer my question about how do you judge an intentionally bad movie I think I have a good answer. The simple answer is, was it funny and did we enjoy it? The answer to this is yes. Unlike Mega Shark, which had a couple of funny parts but for the most part I found myself getting bored with it, this movie was funny and we enjoyed it.

Disclaimer: This movie is only for people who like weird, off beat stuff. (Like MST3K) If you are a true movie snob, or don’t have a quirky sense of humor, then avoid this movie at all cost. Also, never watch it alone, don’t take it seriously and have fun.

I give this movie 3.0 Babbles, not because of the movie itself, but because of the fun we had watching it.

P.S. Stay tuned folks, I just found out there is a sequel, The Lost Skeleton Returns Again!



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2 responses to “Is the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra Lost?

  1. That’s a good bad one, we own it. The husband and I are very into bad movies and bad movie nights and I agree that if you enjoy it, it’s a good bad movie. Some of my favorites have been Return of the Living Dead II, Garbage Pail Kids, and Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

    • Ah I am so glad somebody else has seen it! It was funny. I have seen Night of the Living Dead 2… I haven’t watched Killer Klowns yet, so I will check that one out. Have you seen the Lost Skeleton Sequel?

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