*spoiler free*
I have to admit that I had three strong reasons to NOT see this pseudo action/thriller Limitless:

  1. The trailer looked completely predictable and lame like many recent super power clones like Next, Jumper, and I Am Four.
  2. The title Limitless is about as unoriginal as you can get. It’s like calling a Superman movie- ‘the flying man’. Boring!
  3. I am not a fan of pretty boy Bradley Cooper. I like him in certain roles but was not that impressed with him in the A-Team or the Hangover.

Before I start in my thoughts, let me give you my limited summary of Limitless. The story starts with a down and out loser named Eddie Morra. He’s a struggling writer, trying to recover from a recent break up, and suffering from a wicked case of writers block. An old acquaintance hooks him up with a special pill that makes him super smart. He is able to write his first book within a few days, learn the piano in 2, and becomes fluent in several languages. This opens up all kinds of opportunities and brings all kinds of success. However, this comes at a cost and he must eventually think his way to survival.

No one was more surprised than me to discover that Limitless is actually a descent movie. There isn’t much more to the story than what you see in the trailer but Director Neil Burger does a lot with it. The scenes of his transformations are creatively disorienting. There is also a neat gimmick of images zooming into other images. I have no idea why it’s in the movie but it sure is fun to look at. Once he is powered up, he is able to accomplish what most of us only dream of doing. The reward of Limitless is seeing him outwit, outsmart, and outlast the competition. He truly becomes the smartest human being in the movie- and that’s the problem. A character in a movie can only be as smart as the screen writer allows for. While Limitless starts with an interesting premise, the last third of the film seems somewhat limited. It doesn’t take you to unexpected and unimaginable new horizons like the story deserved. It’s too bad too. Bradley Cooper tries hard to make you believe he is leading man material and its unfortunately that the script fails him by the end of the film. Another casualty of the film is the overall point of it. Without giving away the ending, the message of the movie was left unclear and a little unsatisfying. It might not bother some but I found it a pretty poor wrap up. Judge it for yourself. In a sense, this is an origins story for a super hero, minus the hero.

Limitless may not be what the title suggests but is definitely worth a the price of a dollar movie. I give it 3 Babbles out of 5.


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