Tony reviewed Limitless the other day and though he gave it a 3 out of 5, it actually motivated me to see the movie. I didn’t know much about it before and it sounded pretty interesting. Certainly an interesting question: what would someone do w/ limitless mental abilities?

I really liked the tone and feel of the movie – they used the devices well to shift the perception when the mental abilities kicked in. I like Bradley Cooper despite being a ‘pretty boy’ – I think he doesn’t take the ‘gimme roles’ that he probably could get to fan the flames of ego. And he’s not afraid to have fun in his roles.

As a story, it’s fun, interesting, takes you ‘down the rabbit hole’ a bit in the sense of what this can lead to good and bad.

As a morality tale, it takes a traditional approach of ultimate power corrupts ultimately for the most part. He’s not a ‘bad guy’ clearly so he’s somewhat sympathetic, but he’s not a ‘good guy’ either. Anti-hero? Everyman? General example of how people, generally selfish, would use these powers for personal gain and self-satisfaction?

So I think it’s a good telling of a somewhat classic tale directed well w/ little getting in the way of the story and the enjoyment. It didn’t help that my expectations were a bit low.

I give it 4 Babbles


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