Cancelled Con?

                                                                                                            Breaking News!

It’s too early to tell what’s going on, but it looks like San Diego Comic Con 2011 is being cancelled? Apparently they are having legal issues with the Convention Center. Comic Con officials released this statement an hour ago.

“We regret to inform our ticket holders and venders that due to unforeseen legal and contractual issues with the San Diego Convention Center we have temporarily cancelled Comic Con 2011. Unfortunately, we were unaware of a legal loop hole that did not renew our contract with the San Diego Convention Center. Instead it was accidentally booked at the same time by Amway and they have the legal rights to be there. We realize Comic Con has long and rich history and our dedicated staff is working hard to find a new location for the event. Current frontrunners are Las Vegas, Houston or Omaha. TICKET HOLDERS PLEASE KEEP YOUR TICKETS UNTIL THIS MATTER HAS BEEN SETTLED. Current tickets will be honored at the new location. If we are unable to relocate refund information will be sent out as possible. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and hope to resolve this matter and next year continue our tradition in the City of San Diego.”  

If this is true then, well, then heads should roll.  We will keep you posted here at B5.



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4 responses to “Cancelled Con?

  1. Ron Jordan

    Too bad about San Diego. The Community Center of Balch Springs, TX will be available, except for Friday night, which is reserved for wrestling.

  2. I’ve never been to comic con…but this is horrible news…Amway…geez maybe the legal loop hole would be if Amway gets to do one presentation to all of Comic Con…it’ll work itself out

  3. Yeah I did forget to mention that this was an Aprils Fool joke. I should probably add it.

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