Green Lantern Trailer #2

This past weekend, a few of us Babblers were able to attend WonderCon in San Francisco. Even though this is the younger brother of San Diego Comic Con, this convention still released some great material from Cowboys & Aliens, ThunderCats, and the new Green Lantern Trailer. We were all pretty skeptical after seeing the first trailer but this new version is more promising. What do you think? Can you resist the green lantern’s might?



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3 responses to “Green Lantern Trailer #2

  1. jcgiacomi

    I went to wondercon too! check out my photos but I have been going since 2007 but I don’t have room to put all my photos up. How did you like this year? I was kind of annoyed with the lack of panels this year. I like what they showed of green lantern. I also got to see the priest screening in 3D which was pretty good. However, I’m not a fan of 3D conversion.

    • Tony

      Being my first WonderCon, I didn’t have past ones to compare it to. I was very pleased. The size is big enough to be wow’d without it being stressful like at SDCC. Yea, there wasn’t a ton of panels I was interested in seeing. The ones I did were great though. SUPER was an awesome screening. Thanks for the pics, I will check them out. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  2. Jeffra

    This is a much much better trailer. Thanks for sharing.

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