The New ThunderCats

As goofy as it was, I was a big fan of the original animated ThunderCats of the 80’s. Hollywood is continuing their trend of methodically re-hashing and re-making everything from my childhood- mostly unsuccessfully. However, this new incarnation shown at WonderCon actually looks pretty cool. If you were a ThunderCats fan, let us know. I’m looking forward to seeing this!



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8 responses to “The New ThunderCats

  1. Hakjoon

    The thundercats crew in the US is in the same building as Young Justice. The pre-production artwork I’ve seen up on the walls is great. Studio 4c (tekkon kinkreet) is working on it. I have not seen lots of the footage but looks good so far.

    • Tony

      Yea, seeing the ThurnderCats in action does bring back some great memories. It really looks like its going to be a great new series.

      Dude are you working on Young Justice?!?! That is the hottest cartoon on TV right now. The best since JLU.

      • Hakjoon

        Wow thanks. I was not sure how well it was doing. Looks like season 2 is greenlit for another 20.

  2. Jeffra

    My brother and I love watching Thunder Cats (hooo!) on TV. But I’m confused, are they making a new movie or a new TV series?

  3. I was a huge Thundercats fan as I kid ( I had the entire action figure set!) so seeing this I’m pretty psyched!

  4. David

    Disappointing, if your going to run the “New Thundercats” after running the old sires all week and the have it a different story line, you should have not run the 1985 version first. I am a fan from the original show, and i must say if you didn’t catch “Linx-o” in the “Tower of Omens” on Thundara then you must not know the original. Let alone MUMMRA being on Thundara. Yes I understand new generation new ideas whatever, but TYGRA was not Lion-o’s brother but whatever. keep me entertained the fan from the day one. Don’t try to please me Larry Kenny, as the father of lino, and when he raises the “Sword of Omens” and just says “Thundercats Ho” my head hurts, if your going to do it with the ” Original ” do the hole thing be for you kill him off. but on a good note Chetara, Wily Kit and Kat, BRAVO……………!!!!

    A Thunderfan that cares

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