Green Lantern v2.0

Looks like Wonder Woman isn’t the only DC hero that can’t stop messing with their wardrobe. Warner Bros recently released new images of Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern suit tweaked from the first version (pictured left). After seeing the new trailer at San Francisco’sWonderCon, I was a little more assured that this wasn’t going to be a total DC failure. However, I am still not a fan of the total CGI costume and would have preferred an actual suit that was enhanced with special effects. Call me old fashion. Below is the suit in it’s latest incarnation. Looks like there is a little more detail with an emphasis on the power surging through the suit. It also appears there is a more noticeable ‘scales’ texture on the black areas. While maybe the story maybe able to win me over, I am doubtful the suit ever will. Your thoughts?


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  1. RSubi

    I agree – I don’t like the full CGI suit. The storytellers are already asking us to suspend our belief when it comes to super heroes. We don’t need phony looking suits to draw attention to the fact we’re watching a movie about characters that couldn’t possibly exist.

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