Who’s who? A SDCC guide for you.

So anyone who reads B5 knows we are huge San Diego Comic Con fans. Not only that but it’s coming up in just couple of short months! So to help you get ready I thought it would be good to start prepping you now on what or who you may encounter.  One of the best parts of Comic Con is people watching.  Of course this includes fans and cosplayers but also another very important group that absolutely can’t be overlooked. Of course I mean celebrities, particularly C list celebs. You know them, you’ve seen them, those people who float from convention to convention charging 15 bucks (or more) per autograph while living off their 15 minutes of fame.  While this world is tangled and confusing, fear not for we dear babblers will sort them out for you.  You know the website peopleofwalmart? I proudly present to you….

Whose Who? As in, I never hard of them.

First up: Richard Hatch.  

Auditioning for "The Cape?"

The quintessential C list celebrity, Richard Hatch is known to nerds everywhere for his staring roll as “Apollo” in Battle Star Galatica. Not the cool, hip BSG that came on the SciFi network but the original Star Wars rip off that was on ABC for one entire season and yes, we all loved this showing growing up.

However, that’s not all, Mr. Hatch had roles on All My Children and has perennially popped up in random episodes of such greats like the original Hawaii 5-0, Kung-Fu, Fantasy Island, Dynasty, Ghetto Blaster ( I had to include this one) and even Baywatch.  This, of course, gives him plenty of C list autograph fodder and he can be found at any number of Con’s signing his name for a modest fee.

But his biggest claim to fame by far is BSG, old and new. Just when he had finally faded into obscurity the hatch popped open again in the new BSG series on Sci-fi as the terrorist/political leader Tom Zarack. (2004-2009) Thanks Sci-Fi for bringing this talented man back from the recesses of our minds.

This guy makes appearances at nearly every nerdy convention out there, milking the Galactica cow for everything it is worth.  Seriously, he is at so many cons it makes us wonder if perhaps he isn’t the 13th Cylon, having multiple copies to appear in so many places.  Your babblers went to Wizard World in San Francisco this year, two years removed from the BSG finale, and there was Hatch, moderating a board on “The Politics of BSG.” Really? An entire panel on the politics of a fictional show that has been off the air two years? Sad times indeed.

Traitor? Or Sell Out?

But wait! There’s more!  When researching this article on IMDB I discovered he is in yet another BSG milking enterprise called…..”What the Frak!”  Limited info, but it seems he will be wandering around Comic Con making a reality show where he looks for the love of his life. Just when you thought it was safe to put your BSG stuff on the shelf, here comes Hatch, dragging a great show into the mud.  So nerd ladies beware, if you see this man at Comic Con, he may be coming for you!

So here’s to you Hatch man, making as much as you can out of so little. Much like the Cylon’s you fought, you should be boxed away, permanently.

Has anyone done more with so little? Yes, but that is for another week. Stay tuned.


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